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Shadow ghost

“I took this photo on April 29, 2007, the day of my engagement, with my cell phone. This black ghost appeared on the background. When I took this picture there was no one on the back, and note how the background looks normal, it’s not dark. The photos are originals which I took with my Nokia 6235 phone”, João Ricardo Ferrer told when he sent us the image.

Upon request, Ferrer also sent the other images he took before and after that one. And indeed, none of the others show anything similar. One of them do show part of the hair of a girl in front of the subjects, but not in the same way. The EXIF information on the images also didn’t show anything strange, as no evidence of photo manipulation could be seen. The pixelation over the faces of the subjects were of course introduced by me to protect their privacy.

Despite Ferrer’s assertion that there was no one there behind the people, if there was someone there, that person could appear in that spooky way. As our friend Rogerio Chola noted, “a strong light source close to the camera could obscure the background”. The background walls are not completely dark, however, because they reflect the ambient light — contrary to this hypothetical person, who could also have a black veil over, which would make this a hoax.

“Take special attention to the left outline of the ghost’s head”, Francisco Wechsler also pointed to us. It does suggest the ghost is wearing something like a veil.

Despite the fact the ghost seems almost completely dark, it actually has some signs of illumination, which are also evidence this is not a digital hoax — or, at least, a crude digital hoax:

As the photo was taken during a celebration, perhaps someone could be there in background and not be noted, and a fortuitous combination of factors, from the lighting to the clothes the person was wearing, produced this “ghost”. The other alternative is that this was a deliberate hoax.

Or, the other other alternative, of course, is that this was a real ghost. The thing is, it would be a ghost that reflected some of the ambient light. Just like a normal person. With a black veil over, perhaps.

UPDATE: This is a similar, although not identical, image (from Janio Sarmento‘s personal blog):

The cat is not an evil entity. It’s just black.

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  2. Esther May 15th, 2008 2:38 am

    In the close up of the shadow ghost are those things buttons reflecting light on the top left area of its head? Or snaps?

  3. Kate April 17th, 2009 4:03 pm

    Late on the boat here, but it looks like someone facing backwards, washing dishes. I’d be interested to know if there was a sink back there

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