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Spiritualism: very alive in Brazil

Watch above the alleged phenomena produced by the Brazilian “medium” Jose Medrado, on a short clip from an European documentary.

Medrado describes, in Portuguese, how unexplained things happened, like a cactus appearing from nowhere, and more surprisingly, the “materialization” of the “bride”, covered by a white gown and veil. He even shows the light dimmer that the “bride” could manipulate to adjust the red light intensity to her liking.

Yes, materialized spirits dealing with light knobs. No wonder some claim that spirits send emails.

But those are not things from the 19th century. Though the video was recorded some years ago, and Medrado no longer claims to produce such “extraordinary” feats, he’s still very active as an alleged medium.

There are still a lot of Chesterfields in Brazil. Oh well, the original one still exists in America in any event. The will to believe in the afterlife is very understandable, which only emphasizes how despicable the hoaxers and quacks who explore this weakness are.

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