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The house that spilled blood (update)


Some updates on the bizarre case in "Jardim Bizarro". First, and foremost: the street is also called "Antonio Bizarro" (here on Google Maps). And a correction: contrary to what I assumed (from watching too many movies), the blood didn’t drip, it allegedly sprayed from the floor up to a height of 15 cm. No Amityville, it was supposedly more like the Shining.


Too bad, no photos yet of "the happening".

Then we have the detail that the blood only sprayed when the old lady (65) was in the shower. According to her husband (71):

"When I shower, nothing happens. When she [the wife] showers, it starts".

Parapsychologists are more used to have those things happen to teenage girls, not retired ladies. But it’s an interesting detail. And blood didn’t spray since then.

What came to the house was a crowd, eager to see something. But true to their claims, the couple does not exploit the event in any way. They remain anonymous.

"The result of the test is irrefutable. We did the analysis more than once and there’s no doubt that it was human blood, and fresh, from the same day in which we collected it", stated Wilson Antonio Pereira, head of the local Scientific Police [source]. They are collecting blood samples form the couple and their daughter, to try to match it with the blood that was on the floor.

But skepticism is already filtering through the news reports, and it comes first from the Catholic priest first called. Priest João Estevão da Silva, first to arrive in the scene, denies he celebrated a mass or any claim of supernatural phenomenon.

"I was the first person to suggest to the couple to report it to the police. I realized it was blood, but I didn’t believe that it had sprayed. It looked like it was spread in the floor", he told. [source]

The police is also skeptical. Pereira also told O Estado newspaper that "there are blood marks at around 10 cm [in height], on a cleaning product bottle, but the blood spilled from top to bottom, not the other way", contradicting the claim that it sprayed from the floor.

Most surprisingly, even the owner of the house doesn’t exclude the idea that the blood may have been spilled maliciously by someone. "You can’t doubt anything. There’s a lot of evil in this world", he muttered. [source]

Things are still very bizarre on Antonio Bizarro St. The police will probably take some time to publicize the results of the tests on the blood samples.

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  1. PeterK January 8th, 2009 12:19 am

    Is this the same case involving the elderly lady with ruptured varicose veins in her feet? She was losing her sight and did not notice blood squirting when she walked around the house.

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