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Capturing Lightning

This is certainly one of the most amazing vid eos I’ve seen in a while. Watch as a lightning develops, from a myriad of branches going everywhere, to the point where it finally touches the soil, and becomes a single – and seemingly eternal – discharge.

It’s been published on Today’s Big Thing and mentioned on Gizmodo, but there’s actually no details as to its source and how it was captured. Which, justifiably, raises some doubts. It could be a hoax, or perhaps just an illustrative recreation, but in any event, it is fantastic.

It does bring to mind the formation of Lichtenberg figures, and seems a rather accurate depiction of how we think a lightning may develop in real life.

And it could be real, which would just make it one of the greatest videos ever. We desperately need to know more about it.

UPDATE: Two updates. First, the video is real. Second, it was captured by Tom Warner of ZT Research, who asked for the videos of his works to be removed from the Internet, as it’s part of an ongoing research. We hope he publicizes them officially soon, they sure deserve every bit of the attention they got. And they are real!

Thanks to Fabio Romero, researcher who first put Warner’s videos on Youtube, and to Note Zetetiche, for pointing a discussion thread on Stormtrack which also identified the origin of the videos.

UPDATE: Warner made 14 videos available on his Youtube channel!

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  1. RL August 10th, 2008 9:28 am

    See this exchange on Stormtrack forum:


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