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Infinite zoom to bend your mind

Be mesmerized in the endless recursion of the clip for Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants by Wild Beasts. The visual trip is known as Droste Effect.

Behind the trip there’s a not so simple mathematics. The underlying spiral, for instance, is a golden one, hailed as mystical or not so much.

Genius artist MC Escher was one of the first to explore the concept systematically, but without computers at hand, he left one of his works incomplete. Recently, with our loved PCs, mathematicians were able to reconstruct the illustration in full, which you can see for yourself here (PDF).

Want to warp your mind too? Think about this: if the video above was accomplished by constantly enlarging the objects, how big would the canvas be at the end?

Check this series of zooms into Mandelbrot fractals to have an idea, as these would be larger than the observable Universe, in a zooming trip of just a couple of minutes.

What about actual zooms?

Accomplished by seamlessly blending images captured with different photo and microscopy techniques – and some deal of illustration – delve deep into the matter, from the hair above to concrete, steel and more in Weird Weird Science’s channel.

[via cgredan, Neatorama]

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  1. Frank September 10th, 2008 3:38 am

    Wow. Very annoying song. But also what we, in the independent film industry call, “OMG a lot of work!” Very nice visuals though.

  2. Hurty Ears October 19th, 2009 10:15 pm

    Worst song I’ve heard in a long time. Awful vocals, really put me off the overall effect. Lord knows what sort of person is into it!

    Interesting technique, not sure if I found it very exciting – t’was rather linear.

  3. […] You can compare it to some actual zooms into hair, concrete, metal et al. […]

  4. […] You can compare it to some actual zooms into hair, concrete, metal et al. […]

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