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Crop Circles arrive in Brazil


“The appearance of two big circles of around 19 meters in diameter and less than a kilometer apart from one another has transformed the quiet city of Ipuaçu, Santa Catarina, into a tourist attraction. The figures were first seen on Saturday (8) in two different crops, wheat and triticale”.
From G1 Surgimento de círculos em plantação provoca mistério em SC

Click for more images at Crop Circle Connector. No one saw the circles being created, but they are clear evidence that we Brazilians now have our own circlemakers, and they started with humble patterns.

Of relevance is that both circles were created near roads, and just days before the harvest – most of the crop has been harvested this week. One of the circles, by the way, was only noticed during harvesting. Whoever created them, obviously wanted them to be noticed. And unlike Doug and Dave they didn’t tip off the press.

Unfortunately, the circles are being “investigated” by Ademar José Gevaerd. The same ufologist/editor who wanted to create an Institute of Ufology named after Sagan (which was quickly changed to Galileo after legal action was threatened), the same ufologist/editor who publicized the prophecies that Jesus was coming back aboard a flying saucer a couple of years ago, and so many other embarrassing moments of local UFO buffoonery. You may take a look at the last subjects of his magazine over at their website. Here’s a translated list, but you will sure want to check their wonderful cover art for each of them:

– September 2008: Aliens in the Moon: Recently released NASA images confirm our natural satellite have alien bases;
– October 2008: They have returned: New and surprising English crop circles stun researchers;
– November 2008: When UFOs land: New case of landing with physical evidence is investigated in São Paulo;
– December 2008: Danger in Space: Nibiru is coming.

No surprise, then, that Gevaerd has been screaming to all news outlets that these are clearly alien signs. We can pretty much guess what the cover article of January will be.

Gevaerd offers no evidence besides the “there’s no obvious sign of trickery, ergo, aliens” talk, though. He does admit he found no physical, chemical or biological anomaly at all, as he didn’t had with him any sort of appropriate equipment. He simply collected samples and hope to have them tested “for DNA” or something. Even if he finds some anomaly, I would be more than skeptical about any of his claims. Disclaimer: as I have always been, I have been clashing with his nonsense for years already.

If you have been reading our blog for some time, you may have already noticed we are having a kind of “crop circle flap” in Brazil since the beginning of this year, after the movie Signs was shown again on TV on prime time during the New Year holiday, and days later some extremely crude “crop circles” composed of tumbled sugarcane were publicized as result of a landing flying saucer. A later case, of tumbled disordered grass, is the one that was the cover article for this month of that magazine.

Now, finally, we have the real deal. Circlemakers are here. I for one salute them.

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  2. f. silva April 23rd, 2009 5:59 pm

    The image shown here is from southern England, just across the fields where I lived, and vigorously studied as a crop circles researcher. Sad to say that the story presented here is not true.

  3. Mori April 23rd, 2009 6:59 pm

    Freddy Silva? Thank you for the visit.

    As a matter of fact, if you only read the information, and as not only me, as local ufologists who defend that crop circles are a “mystery”, the image shown here is definitely from Brazil.

  4. […] not in Great Britain for a change. They formed near Goderich in Canada; Grand Forks, Minnesota; Ipuaçu, Santa Catarina, Brazil; Boryoung City, South Korea; and Amsterdam. One that did appear in England mysteriously […]

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