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Don’t Trust Anyone, Children


CHILDREN from an Edgware school were made to believe aliens had landed in their playground by teachers and police.”
From Harrow Observer: X-files come to classroom

Now, this is some news I surely had to read about on Anomalist and then scour Google to find more. Perhaps as part of The Conspiracy, such a bizarre item didn’t come up on any of my usual news channels.

From the Harrow Times (from where the photo above came from):

“When children came into Stag Lane Middle School, in Collier Drive, this morning they found a small section of their playing field cordoned off behind police tape and a forensic expert taking samples from strange markings on the grass.

Teachers have spent the last two weeks mocking up “alien” hand prints, as well as strange symbols, and todays stunt forms the final chapter of an exercise staff hope will stimulate their imagination and teach creative writing skills.”

I thought at first that children must have been terrified. But apparently, that was not the situation. Just read this:

Donte Nelson, 10, of Edgware, said: “I’m not scared of the alien because I’ll keep it and put it in my pocket. They’ve got big heads and small bodies.”

Touching, isn’t it? Maybe the authorities are hiding the little ones that snapped in some cage? In the website of the school, there is already a comment apparently from a student:

i think alien day was very suprising as to have a head teacher to do all of that just to see the excitement and imagination on our faces is the best thing ever!!!

On second thought, I have already expressed my opinion about that. The whole notion that people will suddenly go crazy when authorities reveal we are not alone is a huge myth.

That could happen, depending on a number of factors, but there’s no actual evidence to support it with any certainty. And some evidence suggesting most people will quickly accept the New World Order.

This bizarre school exercise and the reactions from the kids seem to be yet more evidence about that. If only such an experiment was tried on a whole city, perhaps just for some hours, or in a military base, we would know if civil order would collapse.

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  2. Craig York September 26th, 2008 12:41 pm

    Curiouser and curiouser. We talked a bit about this on last night’s show, and my initial reaction was to write it off as
    a newspaper ‘tall tale’ ( Tombstone Epitaph, anyone? ) but
    now I’m not so sure. It still seems a very…high-handed?
    “experiment” to pull on a group of grade school kids, but one
    hears all manner of strange things about education in the UK these days. I have a certain fondness for the Welles broadcast
    of War of the Worlds, but I do remember both your post, and an earlier FORTEAN TIMES article that said the ‘panic’ had
    been greatly overstated.

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  4. May October 21st, 2008 4:00 pm

    Contrast this to the “stunt” a few months ago in which high school students were told by police and teachers that a number of their classmates had been killed in a car crash. Unsurprisingly, some of the students became hysterical with grief, eventually prompting teachers to admit it was a hoax intended to demonstrate the consequences of drunk driving. The students were livid, but the school refused to apologize.

    If a hoax or real disaster is easy to imagine and accept as true, the emotional reaction will be immediate and intense. It would seem likely that, in the face of such an unimaginable shock as an alien encounter, people would be stupefied and effectively paralyzed while their brains made sense of the paradigm shift. Perhaps acceptance is part of the brain’s desperation to make sense of the new world order. It would be interesting to know if the kids at the “alien landing site” got very quiet as they were being told about it.

  5. Carlos Magno November 6th, 2008 10:20 pm

    May be this is a good idea as the experience can be useful when facing real situations not exactly with aliens.

    But aliens are already part of their lives for imagining they are coming to conquer the earth isn´t difficult. Both cartoons and comic books give them beliefs.

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