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Fire Angel in Israel

“In a road near Jerusalem, towards Emaus, an alleged angel of fire appeared in front of a bus of the religious group of preacher Rene”.

Straight to the point: the “fire angel” is just the reflection of the Sun inside the bus camera’s lens system. Also known as flare, or Mr. Flare, in the Captain Disillusion Universe:

The video of the flare in Israel is not that interesting, but I shared it here due to the commotion that can be heard in the background.

The people – evangelical Brazilian Christians visiting Jerusalem – are screaming "Glory to the Lord!", "Manifest thyself!" and other things. Towards a simple reflection from the Sun, which disappears every time the bus pass through a shadow, either from road signs or tunnels, cannot be seen to the naked eye, only through the video monitor, and moves as the bus makes turns. You can watch other videos of the crazied bunch screaming to the flare.

I should also note that last year, a flare was sold in Colombia as a ghost. Mr. Flare can make his show to the gullible. Do not be fooled, in fact he’s just a sideshow.

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  1. Skylar February 23rd, 2009 12:49 am

    you curse yourself with your own un-belief

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