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Ghostly Simulacrum


“A schoolboy wedding guest was stunned when he snapped the newlyweds’ first dance – and spotted an apparition of a ghost in the disco lights”, reported the Telegraph.

The photo is interesting indeed, but in full it’s more clear that it’s just smoke lit by the spotlights.


Which takes us to the fun world of the puzzling simulacra, like the seemingly ghost girl from Argentina:

The little girl by the door may be the sister of the fog kid, but this one could have been a table, chair or bed. Granted, one may conceive it was a ghost, but stay with us for more of these ghostly simulacra.

Like this lovely… dragon? Rabbit? Donkey? Anyway, a very nice image sent to us by Bruno Bernardi (you have to try Brazilian barbecue):


Fire is particularly prone to simulacra, like the Pope John Paul II (not by coincidence, also promoted on the Daily Mail), or this other fiery face sent to us by Erasmo:


Not impressed yet? Still thinking maybe the deceased manifest themselves among chaotic phenomena?

We also have this image, part of a series, kindly sent by Lucas Oliveira:


How did this mischievous face appear in his bed? Oliveira explains:

“Everything happened in the night of April 30 – I know that because it’s recorded in the photos taken with my cell phone. I couldn’t sleep and was watching TV in my bed, which had a horrible green sheet. And I was drinking some peach juice in a cup. You know when the cup gets moist in the outside from the cold drink? Well, around the third time I took the cup from the sheets I noticed this ‘old lady’ that I’m sending in the photos”.

Now, this may look “too good to be true”, but he sent several other photos and even two videos of this gem. And if you look carefully, the face does seem composed of several rings. Did the spirits guide a moist peach juice cup?

I think not. The images I share here are the most interesting among the simulacra sent to my Inbox, but for each one of those I also receive dozens of images where people say there’s a face or something in the photo, but even when they circle the area, I can’t quite see what they claim.

For instance, do you see something scary in the photo below?


Me neither, but someone honestly said there was some face in the floor.

There are “billions and billions” of photographs taken, and now more than ever. It’s expected that some of them will show up with bizarre looking fog, fire or even smudges.

But, old story, it’s all in the eye – or the mind – of the beholder.

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  3. RS October 27th, 2010 11:58 am

    I see the face on the floor – the person’s shoes kinda frame it. It’s a skull, the “eyes” and an indication of cranium shape on the landing with the “mouth” one step up…

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