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Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Dysentery


The latest Indiana Jones flick mixes the Crystal Skulls with the Chronicles of Akakor (referred in the movie as “Akator”, probably due to copyright issues), and Philip Coppens has already published a nice article on the whole Akakor thing.

There’s one small detail though, revealed by the Brazilian anthropologist João Américo Peret (in Portuguese). According to Peret,

“The indians like to play a joke and may have played with Tatunca Nara, when they taught him some words from the local language. For instance, Akakor means dysentery. Mongulala means making sex. And Akahin means bathing in the river…”

I couldn’t verify Peret’s claims, as the language he refers to is not Tupi-Guarani, but Peret is indeed a widely recognized researcher and spent many years helping many Indians across the country.

The adventures of the man with a hat are pure entertainment, and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sure delivers that (spoiler: aliens with crystal skeletons!), even though the Lost City of Dysentery is no match for the Temple of Doom.

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