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Mondex anti-FARC

There’s a war right now in Colombia between the government and the FARC guerrilla, and among all the casualties and the drama, NYTimes quickly reported a Fortean detail:

Other files offer insight into the methods employed both by the FARC and Colombia’s government in their four-decade war. In one letter by Mr. Devia dated Jan. 5, 2007, to Manuel Marulanda, the most senior member of the FARC’s secretariat, he described a woman in their ranks who was discovered to be a government spy.

“The new thing here,” Mr. Devia wrote, “was that she had two microchips, one under her breast and the other beneath her jaw.”

Mr. Devia went on to describe the reaction to this discovery, explaining in the rebels’ slang that she was given “a course.”

“Yesterday they threw her into the hole after proving what she was,” he wrote, “and giving her the counsel of war.”

Did the Colombian government really implant microchips on a spy? It’s possible, and I profess no knowledge on warfare tactics and gadgets, but this does seem dubious. What for? Implanted chips can only store a limited amount of data, and currently they necessarily need a dedicated reader and writer placed at close distance to function at all. They don’t even have batteries.

You wouldn’t be able to remotely track the spy’s position, or make any other kind of communication, unless the microchips were “megachips”, with several centimeters in size, including batteries, which I doubt would have been practically implanted under a woman’s breast or jaw.

Small passive implanted chips with limited range of communication could be useful for a spy to verify an identity, perhaps, but good old codewords seem more practical, and much less detectable. There could be other uses which I can’t imagine, but implanting microchips on spies seems a basically flawed idea because they can be found. As they allegedly were.

Which all suggests a very sinister look at this bit of news. And it would be related with ufology.

The unfortunate “spy” microchip implants may not have been implants at all. They could have been common foreign bodies, like pieces of metal, or even coagulated fat under the skin. Exactly like alleged alien abductee implants, prosaic things found on almost anyone’s body may be mistaken for something else. And the “government spy” may not have been a spy at all, if all evidence for it was these alleged microchips.

If so, there’s another parallel, perhaps more relevant. The witch hunts. FARC may be hunting witches, and they sure may find all the “government microchip implants” they want, if they look close enough.

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