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(Not) Home Alone

“Middle age Florida couple plagued by abductions and home intrusions by ufo alien creatures capture one such invasion on video. Images taken from original video.”

And that’s all. The video is not that clear either, and visitors over at “Phantom and Monsters” have already questioned

“the dark tubular looking shadow that appears to move in sync with the supposed "alien" visitor. It’s located at the top of the door way and extends downward toward the subject in question.”

If that was a reflection, then nice touch. It could also suggest the alien could be simply pareidolia, that is, some weird shadow or reflection than in those few frames only appear as a little alien, although the enlarged frames suggest otherwise.

Other possibilities include a puppet, perhaps an inflatable alien, computer graphics, and of course, a real peeping alien abductor.

The video uploader on Youtube is one “ufological”, who apparently joined the video sharing site exclusively to add this one video clip, which curiously has the catchy search-friendly keywords “ufo alien creatures”. He describes himself as “an explorer of the unknown and researcher of what many claim as the improbable”, but does not give his name. Let’s hope verifiable details emerge of this.

Emps also warned about the lack of context, reminded of an excellent overview of attempts to capture alien abductors in video, and noted how this latest video seems to follow a recent trend with an abduction caught on CCTV and the alien at the window circus.

After the Haiti UFO video, it’s just a matter of time before someone creates a seemingly believable alien video that will make Youtube stardom. This one is getting closer, though apparently there’s still a long way ahead.

It reminded me of the Chile “Parque Forestal” alien, which was actually a dog. English commentary over at Magonia (scroll down).

[via Anomalist, Damn Data]

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  1. Cathy C July 19th, 2010 12:31 pm

    Concerning the “small alien caught on camera by Florida couple” video, the following humorous YouTube video uses an alien prop that could be the one used in the “Florida Couple” video:


    Decide for yourself!

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