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Premonition… failed

After the amazing feat of Purnam Rama Sastri, we have another incredible Ed Glosser moment:

A 23-year-old woman a North Sea oil rig was overheard recalling a dream she had had about a bomb on the platform. The rumour that a bomb was on the accommodation block – or “flotel” – had spread to senior managers within an hour. According to the company the alarm was raised at about 9.15am.

Within minutes emergency procedures swung into action and the block was evacuated, with about 500 people crossing the gantry linking it to the oil rig. A search of the platform began and army bomb squad officers were put on standby.

Five helicopters from RAF Kinloss and a Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft from RAF Waddington were scrambled to the scene.

Small detail:

By mid-afternoon the company confirmed that nothing had been found, and workers began to return to the platform. The bomb squad was stood down and police said they were making arrangements to bring the woman ashore.

The union described the decision to evacuate as “ludicrous“.

Molloy said: “It appears that the whole thing was started when someone was a bit upset about a dream they had and that appears to have sparked one of the biggest security operations the North Sea has ever seen. The cost has been astronomical and there was never any need for it.” He said he felt sorry for the woman who appeared to be at the centre of the alarm.

From the Guardian. Redrum.

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