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The house with squirted blood: case solved!


We covered the bizarre case from the beginning, and even managed to get inside photos of the scene from “the house that dripped blood”. Ladies and gentlemen, the case has been solved by the police, and the resolution is astonishing.

Genetic analysis of the blood confirmed it was from the old lady that lives in the house with her husband. That would be most disappointing, but before considering hoax, read this:

“Officer Lopes said that even before the results of the DNA tests, he already knew the blood was from the lady. ‘Two days after the blood showed up, we already suspected that the blood was hers. I spent a day in their house and my only doubt was if the bleeding was gynecological or from varicose veins. I examined the couple, and we realized that she had a recent hemorrhage in the varicose veins in her legs’.”

Yes, her varicose veins burst, and all suggests she honestly didn’t realize that. That explains why everything happened after she bathed (with her legs naked), and how she could claim that she had seen the blood squirting. It also explains the freshness of the blood, which coagulated in the floor. Any hoax involving blood taken, for instance, from a blood bank would not coagulate because they are treated with anti-coagulants. That was fresh blood taken from someone and spilled on the floor.

Or, as we now know, it was indeed squirted, as the varicose veins of the lady burst. As those veins, before the event, are already blown up, doctors confirm that people, especially old people, may not realize the burst. The fact the lady was diabetic also contributed for the large amount of bleeding before it stopped. She may have noticed her legs covered in blood, but must have assumed it was the house squirting blood on her, not the other way. Case solved.

The couple, including the lady, is well and fine. The police has confirmed they will archive the case, as there’s no evidence of any criminal intent. Indeed, the peaceful couple didn’t exploit the case despite the great media interest, and still remain anonymous.

Now, varicose veins bursts as explanations for a seemingly paranormal phenomenon, that’s priceless. Your read it here first. You are welcome.

After the invisible gorillas, we now have paranormal varicose – can you come with a better term for this? I’m sure you can, please share it in the comments.

[News source, in Portuguese: Investigação de casa que jorrava sangue está encerrada, diz delegado]

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  1. Joseph Capp July 4th, 2008 3:11 pm

    Excellent investagtion, also shows that not everyone is a hoaxer.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  2. david drain July 7th, 2008 7:31 am


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