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Banana circles!


As we reported, there’s been a wave of alleged “sugarcane signs” in Brazil in the last few weeks. Now, the phenomenon seems to have taken an unexpected turn. At least for one single case so far.

Yes, we have bananas. Banana circles. As Wilton Montenegro writes:

Banana plantation is smashed overnight in Mauriti, Ceara, Brazil

On Sunday, February 24, 2008, a strange phenomenon happened. Monday morning, when the workers arrived to their daily work, they found an open area in the middle of the banana plantation, the owner was called and reported the fact to the EMATER.

It’s an incredible and unexplainable fact.

I work at the city hall and I have contact with the owner, as he’s also a politician in the city, and called me to the place.

Some of the strange features that we found:

1- The area has approximately 10 meters in diameter.

2- The plants are flattened from above, some plants were broken in three points.

3- There is no evidence of fire or lightning, as there’s nothing burned.

4- In one photo I show the irrigation system with hoses.

5- After eight days the plants around the circumference are dying and becoming yellow, those in the ground are not burned, but boiled [sic].

6- There’s a round mark in the ground and kind of like a tripod, with around 50 centimeters from one point to the other.

7- In the place, besides the area, two open spaces in the leaves can be seen, as if they were entry and exit points.From the point that we have seen, we noted an angle of around 80 degrees. It’s in a V angle, that is, it enters from one point and exits from another.

8- After news of the fact, some inhabitants reported seeing a ball of fire floating in the sky.”

See more (unimpressive) photos on the CUB website.

Gorillas like bananas, and given our much touted concept of invisible gorillas as an explanation for these kind of events involving trivial phenomena suddenly becoming “mysterious”, this is very interesting.

If I were seriously proposing that actual invisible gorillas were behind all of this, I could also have interpreted that this was “proof” that I was right. Those interested by Forteana will be specially aware of these kind of coincidences. I view them as evidence that you can come up with “evidence” for almost anything, which only emphasizes the need for critical thinking.

Or have we accidentally stumbled on real, invisible gorillas? I don’t know if they would be more interesting than the alleged banana circles.

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  1. Carlo April 7th, 2008 7:42 pm

    Hey! What’s up Kentaro?
    I’m addicted to your blog!
    Some new posts to spare, sir… Sir?

    I really nead some new posts!

  2. Mori April 9th, 2008 5:08 am

    Hi Carlo!

    Thanks a lot, I had some problems with my home PC, but all is fine now and the blog is updated! Enjoy! :)

  3. Carlo April 9th, 2008 12:57 pm

    Oh! Thank you!
    I’m so glad to read you again.
    I’ve stumbled upon your blog last month and immediately loved it!
    I like very much your highly rational viewpoint on science, mysteries, pseudomysteries, internet crap 😉
    I’m online from the middle of the ’90 and your is the first blog I’ve read *page-by-page* from the last to the first post.
    Keep up this amazing work, and bring home an old backup PC for the emergencies… just in case… 😉

    And just to remain in topic with the post I’m actually eating a banana right now.

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