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CARET Drone: this time, for real


Oh, no! Not the Drones again! You may have thought.

But the image above is very real, as it is the photo of a fabulous scale model “Drone” created with resin. No computer graphics involved, and the white strings you can see are indeed what’s supporting the model.

Click for higher resolution photos of this beauty – as the Drones indeed are very nice aesthetically. Be sure to check the creation process too, an amazing work by HPO from the Drone Research Team, who used sophisticated rapid prototyping machines for all the tiny pieces.

Personally, I think this is as real as the Drones have ever got. They may have been originally inspired by an X-Men episode, but in any event, as long as they keep exploring it this way, I sure enjoy the results.

You may have seen the video clip previously. [via Ovnis-Usa]

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  1. Craig York October 28th, 2008 2:17 pm

    As a model-builder myself, I’m mighty impressed by this. I
    had not seen the previous link re: the X-Men, and while I
    can certainly see the resemblance, the fomer craft seems to
    owe its design heritage to the ‘Imperial Probe Droid’
    from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. The Drone Research Forum
    is a revelation all by itself-I had no idea folks were still
    so taken with these odd designs…

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