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Flying saucer captured by STS 115 Atlantis?

“The object seen by the STS 115 ATLANTIS SHUTTLE CREW may have been this DISK OBJECT videotaped in space near the ATLANTIS SHUTTLE. It is moving away and it looks like it’s within the 100 feet range or a little further. This footage has not been confirmed nor denied by NASA nor any other GOVERNMENT ENTITY. Footage was sent to an anonymous poster who stated on the original posting that this is ‘LEAKED NASA FOOTAGE’ sent to a TV STATION NEWS satellite receiving dish.” [Ufocasebook]

First thing you will notice in any ordinary investigation is that the poster of the video is “luckymauro”, already known to us. Second thing is, he now admits that the audio is not connected with the video. During STS115 astronauts noticed two objects in space and there was concern as to if they could be important parts of the shuttle that could have come off. You can check an image of one and a video of the other. They were ultimately not identified, but are certainly not what we are seeing above, which is allegedly footage of disk-shaped satellite used to illustrate what the STS115 crew may have seen.

Why add a non-related video to illustrate something when we have the actual images of what the STS115 crew saw? And since we are asking… A disk-shaped satellite from the 1980s?

As fellow Marcelo Domingues noted the footage above looks pretty much like the Telstar 3C deployed by the Discovery shuttle in the 1980s. A quick search through Youtube, and we find this video:

As is clear, it’s not a disk-shaped satellite. It’s not the exact same footage, but it shows what we are seeing. Just a communications satellite spinning, a cylinder filmed from below.

Further ordinary searches and we find that on STS51G, the Discovery shuttle deployed three satellites in 1985, two of them very similar, the Morelos-1 and the Telstar 3D. Both of them look almost exactly the same, with gyroscopic stabilization. There were other satellites based on the same design by Hughes aircraft and deployed by the space shuttles, any one of them when filmed from below show their motors which look like the “dome” of a flying saucer.

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  1. Jim Oberg March 29th, 2009 7:32 pm

    I’ve got some suggested prosaic explanations for other famous ‘shuttle UFO’ videos in the ‘space folklore’ segment of my home page — please drop in and email me your critiques. I plan to link to this item, too — good work!

    www dot jamesoberg dot com

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