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Gauche Encounters Imagery

Martin Kottmeyer’s most referenced work is available in full on Talking Pictures: Gauche Encounters, Bad films and the UFO Mythos.

With his gracious permission, we also reproduce here the images and illustrations that go with it.

Left: Talosian Aliens from “The Menagerie”/ “The Cage”
[Star Trek – The Magazine, Fev 2001, p. 66]
Right: Travis Walton and Charles Moody Aliens
[Budd Hopkins, Missing Time / Richard Marek, 1981, pp. 162-3]

– – –

Left: Up, the first drawing by Barney as reproduced on John Fuller’s "The Interrupted Journey". Down, the sketch done with David C. Baker and published on NICAP’s UFO Investigator, April 1972.
Right: Images of the alien from "The Bellero Shield".

– – –

Left: Mars Needs Women (1966) [Sinister Cinema video]
Right: Drawing from Schirmer’s alien abduction
[Ralph & Judy Blum, Beyond Earth, Bantam, 1974]

– – –

Left, Peter Rodriguez drawing of the thing that looks like a brain, 1976.
The cyclops eye, the cortical appearance and the general mashed potato shape reminds of the hypnotic brain in Uranus from Journey to the Seventh Planet, 1961, which can be seen on the right.

John Hodges drawing, 1976, looks different but is also similar to a brain. It shares the elyptic area without color from the bubble anti-nuclear brain from
Space Children (1958). It’s perhaps significant that Hodges report also deals with nuclear weapons.

– – –

Left: Don Rickles as the excentric bald Martian from Pajama Party (1964)
Right: Drawing of Quaazgaw from UFO Annual 1983, Gray Baker, New Age Books, 1983

– – –

Left: "Keeper of the Purple Twilight", from The Outer Limits, December 5, 1964
Right: Drawing dated November 19, 1980, from the abduction of Longmont, Colorado, reported in the cover of the September-October 1982 issue of International UFO Reporter.
See my article "This One’s a Keeper", The REALL News 4, August 8, 1996 for further discussion.

– – –

Left: Photo 17 from The Gulf Breeze Sightings, Ed & Frances Walters, Avon Books, 1991, 170-1
Right: The mothership, pilot from series Greatest American Hero, March 18, 1981

– – –

= = =

Bonus pictures here, and again, be sure to read the original Gauche Encounters, Bad films and the UFO Mythos.

Bonus video: If you also read The Eyes that Spoke, now thanks to this thing called Internet you can also watch the seminal segment where the Bifrost alien explains how the eyes speak. It’s about seven minutes into the clip below:

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