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Last known Trindade witness murdered


Retired lawyer of ‘Banco do Brasil’ and three times South-American underwater hunting champion, Amilar Vieira Filho (83), died [yesterday, June 11th] after being shot during an attempted robbery in the Permietral Avenue, downtwon Rio de Janeiro.

According to the police, he was driving home towards Niteroi. Vieira Filho was one of the founders of the Icaraí Underwater Hunting Club, in Nitereiu, and was member of the Icaraí Yacht Club. The lawyer also became known as one of the witnesses of the alleged sighting of a UFO in Brazil, in 1958, in the case that became known worldwide as the Trindade Island Case.
source: Tricampeão de caça submarina é morto no RJ [in Portuguese]

Last February I interviewed Amilar Vieira Filho, who graciously answered all my questions about the Trindade case. He was still os a very clear mind, and must have had long years ahead. Above, a photo from the times that he was president of the Underwater Hunting Club.

Vieira Filho joked that he was the last one standing, and he was in fact the last known witness alive. This tragic news is even more tragic because, in Brazil, we don’t have to imagine any terrible government conspiracy to silence him.

Such crimes are commonplace, Rio being a particularly dangerous area.

None of the other known witnesses have been murdered, but one is already too much.

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