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More Spiky “UFOs” in Brazil


After the first “spiky UFO surfaced in the beggining of this year – which was actually shot in 1995 – we have had several other examples, like the one above shot by Denis Serafim in November 2006 from inside a train in São Paulo and recently sent to us (obrigado!). Full images below:


We also had this one, shot by Luiz Felipe in Curitiba, May 2008 and published in the CUB website:

Ileia - Milton - Imagem 294B

Interesting as they are, as we know already, they are in fact ellaborate hot-air balloons:


So let’s remember the most famous:

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  1. kieryn November 1st, 2008 10:36 pm

    did u know in tasmanina in george town 4 flying lights were flying over the town in the seventies my mum told mee the other day

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