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Multiple “UFOs” in formation taped over Chile

The video is quite interesting, and I was sincerely flabbergasted. I thought in the first minutes it could be a rig suspended by a hot air balloon (those are common in Brazil), but as you advance some minutes through, this idea obviously doesn’t hold. And it doesn’t look like a hoax, or at least a crude hoax, like filming light reflections on a window. The focus and all the behavior of the lights given the camera seem to match the fact the lights were indeed very distant.

Then, as the skeptic I am, I wondered that if this video was indeed shot over Santiago, nothing less than the region that includes the capital of Chile, with over 6 million inhabitants, this December 9, then there should be other witnesses. Where were they? Was this then a video hoax, only a very good one? No matter how good a video can be, it must be corroborated by testimonial evidence (and vice-versa, no matter how ”credible” a testimony may be, it must be backed by physical evidence).

Well, there are some other people saying they also saw those lights these days. I remembered this case, besides looking somewhat similar to the Phoenix Lights, to which we will return later, was exactly like some videos circulated some years before. Like this one from December 2004, where I also found other people commenting that they saw the lights these days too:

Or this one, from December 2003:

Doesn’t it look curious they are all in December? In December 2002, the lights were also seen (perhaps for the first time), and then the Chilean Air Force (FACH) admitted the lights were theirs:

Santiago, December 13 [2002] – A formation of six UFOs were taped at night by a family of a San Joaquín community. Several witnesses of various communities of the capital confirmed the sighting, nevertheless, the FACH pointed it was a instruction formation of the Aviation School Capitán Manuel Avalos.
source: Terra.cl “Avistamiento de OVNIS sobre Santiago

Knowing this, then I only had to search Google for “providencia santiago fach diciembre”, to find this:

“Santiago, December 10 [2008] – The strange “light formation” that could be seen a couple of days ago in the skies of Santiago was actually a formation of 14 Pillán airplanes of the FACH Aviation School that practiced for the officials graduation ceremony, which president Michelle Bachelet attended at night.”
source: Terra.cl “Fach aclara origen de extraña formación de luces

Of course, some will doubt the official explanation, just as some have not accepted that the Phoenix Lights videos were just flares, as even Bruce Maccabee confirmed, as well as Tim Printy, independently (the videos were no doubt just flares, as for the reports of a different event some hours before, there’re some doubts, even if they could have been just aircrafts too).

But reviewing the videos, I could see that they were indeed just aircraft in formation. And see how easily flabbergasted I must be. It must have been the music. Damn music.

UPDATE: Marcos González, of Agrupación Canopus, Chile, confirms that “sure, the night flight of the Air Force planes are a phenomenon that repeats itself every year around this time of the year and has been in many occasions recorded by the surprised spectators”.

Besides the official explanation, the local researcher confirmation and all common sense, well, you can simply watch this:

Those are the exact T-35 Pillán training airplanes, doing the exact same formation over the exact same demonstration area. Just a little closer, and with no X-Files music.

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  1. Craig York December 11th, 2008 4:31 pm

    I don’t blame you for being flabbergasted-especially during
    the first few minutes,where it appears to be a single
    “craft”. The ‘transformation’ that takes place at about
    two minutes into the video is remarkable-thats some very
    good night formation flying.

    As an aside, I’ll say “Congratulations!” for being quoted
    as ‘UFO Expert’ in a recent issue of FORTEAN TIMES-you’ve
    arrived, Mori!

  2. Patrick December 11th, 2008 5:44 pm
  3. Mário César M. de Araújo December 11th, 2008 8:54 pm

    Of course Mori knows everything about UFO’s: he is a Brazilian alien! :)

    (Just kidding!)

  4. Mori December 11th, 2008 11:41 pm

    Thanks, Craig! Indeed I was more than flabbergasted to see my name in Fortean Times! 😀

  5. Marcos González December 12th, 2008 3:45 pm

    Excelent article, Kentaro. Thanks for the mention.

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  8. Luke June 27th, 2009 9:21 pm

    The second video is interesting, the ones where the lights line up and fly away one by one. What’s interesting is that the lights seem to dim as they move, as if lights and propulsion were coming from the same battery source. It would be interesting to make some estimates about distance, luminosity and the change in it, and the given the amount of change in luminosity, calculate the power dedicated for motion that came from the lights, from which you could make a guess about the mass of the objects.

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