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Official UFO investigator ID card

Foto9_Modelo_Carteira_SIOANIs From the editor:
We follow with the second part of Edison Boaventura’s work about the first official investigations of the Brazilian Air Force into the UFO subject, detailing some strange cases and presenting an exquisite treasure from his files:

The official ID card used by UFO investigators, informants of the Brazilian Air Force’s CIOANI – Center for Investigation of Non-Identified Aerial Objects. All images presented here are exclusive material from the official SIOANI’s files now in Boaventura’s hands.


– – –

Edison Boaventura Júnior, President of GUG – Guarujá Ufological Group

In May 2007, Aparecida Donizeti Da Silva, employee of Banco do Brasil, told me of a case that happened with her mother in 1968 in the city of Iacanga, São Paulo, and that for its singular characteristics remembered me of what occurred in Lins.

On August 14, 2007, I had the opportunity of interviewing Mrs. Dina Wan Derlan, 84 years-old, who experienced this bizarre case in a cold morning of May 1968, in the “Nego Cabral Ranch”, in Iacanga, 99 Km from Lins.

“It was very early in the morning. A strange man of clear eyes, 2 meters tall and with a small mug in his hand appeared in the kitchen door of our house. It was a silver mug. It was not of porcelain nor enamelled. I was intrigued as to how he had entered there, because it was the back door. I asked where he came from and he pointed upwards and said that he came down from there. Then I offered coffee and served it in his mug, however he did not drink it. I found it strange and called my son José Henrique. I asked where he was going to and as he spoke very little, I insisted and asked: ‘- Are you going to Iacanga?’ I received the answer: ‘- Yes… I do not know where it is…’”, said Dina.

Then she asked her son to escort that tall man to the city. They walked some meters by the road and the stranger entered into the orchard, disappearing forever, despite the boy’s insistence in asking him to follow him by the road.

I asked Aparecida’s mother as how the being was dressed and she answered: “He dressed silver clothes. A big overcoat to his knees, silver too, and in the head a bonnet of the same color. He used sandals. It was a very pretty and different clothing”.

Dina also reminded that in the same year and some months after the fact her son José Henrique, 15 years old at that time, around 4AM saw a very strong glare and three fire balls. At the moment he was catching a mule and preparing to go to the city to sell milk. The mule remained static while the balls of fire passed and he entered in the kitchen scared to tell her about the event.

Aparecida said that her cousin Paulo along with his wife observed recently, at the same ranch that was the stage of the events described, a fire ball bigger than the full Moon. The event occurred on a Sunday, August 12, 2007, around 9PM and both were perplexed with the appearance.


I will present below the report about case number 36, which happened in Serra Negra, São Paulo, 1968, properly recorded and verified by means of the reports, documents, sketches and original letters.

An important detail that I have to mention is that besides the case having occurred in 1968 – before SIOANI’s creation – it is clear the military was interested in knowing what was happening in Brazil in the previous years, because the report was only filed in May 1969 by the 1st lieutenant R/R Aer, Sérgio Desidério Moisés.


On May 2, 1969, Major Zani, by means of the doccument number 3 of CIOANI – Center for Investigation of Non-Identified Aerial Objects – asked for a full research about the case, with witness drawing collection, affidavit and the archival of news clippings about that appearance.

On May 23, 1969, all the documentation on the sighting of Mr. José de Lima Gonçalves, 51 years-old, was forwarded to the 4th COMAR by the officer responsible for the research.


The case was described in the newspaper “O Serrano”, October 20 1968, n. 3.520, in the frontpage with the headline "Flying Saucer Sighted in Serra Negra”. However, it does not reveal many details.

The military report with 19 pages has much more information, such as the blackout that happened at the approach of the strange flying object and its landing.

It says that Mr. José de Lima Gonçalves, of Portuguese origin, on October 12 1968, was watching a television program around 8PM in his house in the Tourist Park of Serra Negra Ranch, when he was called by his younger daughter and his wife who first saw the UFO. He went to the window and saw the object floating at a height from 15 to 17 meters, slightly above a pine tree.

“The object was at a distance of around 50 meters, it was luminous and had several bright antennas. It had a round form with a pear shape”, said Augusto.

It was estimated by the witnesses that the object had the size of an automobile from 4 to 5 meters, it had a brilliant blue color and did not emit any sound.

Moved by curiosity, Mr. Augusto jumped the window and walked in the object’s direction, together with other inhabitants, and the UFO immediately dislocated itself to a distance of about 400 meters, landing in the ground. It was not possible to reach the landing location at that moment, because there was an impassable ravine in the way. The closest they were able to approach it was 50 meters of distance.


An important detail is that during the sighting the 12 streetlamps in the location went off, as well as the lights of the houses, in a blackout.

The whole observation lasted for 15 minutes and in total seven people witnessed the appearance: the members of Mr Augusto’s family and the members of a neighbor family that lived at about 600 meters from his residence.

Shortly before disappearing, the UFO elevated itself from the soil some two meters in height and became completely dark. After its disappearance the streetlamps and lights from the houses came back to normal.

The next day they went to the location of the possible landing but saw no mark in the soil, due to the rainfalls that fell by the morning.


The newspaper “O Serrano” regarding the witness character wrote: “The interviewee of ‘O Serrano’, a person with moderated habits, deserved from this reporter the most solid confidence”.

Lieutenant Sérgio in letter dated from May 23 informed that it was troublesome to collect information on the case, as the witness did not want to collaborate, probably because five months had already passed since the sighting and the interest from the Air Force. However, he wrote that the local radio station interviewed him at the time of the sighting. The radio director, Mr. Alcebíades Feliz, offered to supply a copy of recording, if the Air Force was interested.


All the informants of CIOANI owned an identification card with a picture to help their investigations. Each member was classified in a category and also had an identification number.

At the front of the card, besides the name, category, ID number, photo and signature from the responsible person, there was the CIOANI’s symbol. In the back of the card there were five recommendations:

1) Hear carefully – Narrate in writing;
2) Do questions and collect answers – Record;
3) Photograph: things, people, places;
4) File the report;
5) Send urgently to CIOANI.

It also had in the back the statement: “We ask for immediate support from the Armed Forces and Policemen”.


– –

I hope to have added information to the readers about SIOANI and my intention is to gradually make accessible to the public, in a historical context, all the existing information and the methodology used by the Brazilian Air Force in SIOANI’s time. I also plan to finish a book that I am writing about this subject. We will return to this subject soon with more news to fill these historical gaps of military ufology in Brazil.

See you there…

– – –

Those who want to collaborate with me with more information and documents on the subject may send a message to my e-mail: boaventura[email protected] or call by phone +55-11-8424-6925.

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    The Brazilian military and the people’s Government is far more progressive and culturally advanced than the US Government and its military

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