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Spiky "UFO" in Brazil: no UFO to Brazilians

The video posted by Shirley de Queiroz (queirozcomz) on Youtube:

“A strange object that in daylight crossed the sky of the northern region of Sao Paulo, around “Jardim Brasil”. This happened at the time that the so-called ‘chupacabras’ was much talked about. Note as it cannot be claimed it’s a balloon, [because] it, in its course, makes some tries to maintain its twelve claws open, until the moment that, as the policeman say, it ‘succeeded'”.

A stabilized version can be seen here.

Shirley gave a more accurate date for the video in the comments: it was shot in 1995. She emphatically denies again it was a balloon, and also tells how at the time she showed the footage to a ufologist (still unidentified), but “on a final talk I realized that he didn’t know even what the word ufology exactly meant… so, given that, I left [the footage alone].”

It’s been causing some sensation abroad, but not so much here in Brazil. To be short, check this:


From “Planeta Balão” (Balloon Planet), it’s a “balao estrela” (star balloon), and the image was suggested by Cezar Castejon to Jonatan Francis. Credits for the find also go to “Ovni Ufo vídeos”.

You can see another type of star hot-air ballon here, and all the kinds of balloons being launched in Brazil in this page.

Around here it’s very obvious that it’s indeed a hot-air balloon, which was a real (and illegal) craze around the time. Groups of young men would join and create ever more complicated and elaborate balloons, trying to see who would make the best. They even included fireworks in some, huge signs and so on, check the previous links.

The activity suffered in more recent years, though, as authorities toughened the laws and suppressed the dangerous activity, which provoked fires and endangered the air space. Rival groups of balloon makers would also fight over the balloons that reached the ground, sometimes with great violence.

But even then, at great risk, some people are still launching those balloons. The star balloon in the image above, clearly the kind of the “spiky UFO”, was launched just last year.

The interesting thing is that Shirley seems to have no idea what the Chad/CARET/ISaac drone is, but the attention her footage got surely owes something to the drone saga — which only shows that the saga has already influenced the field of ufology.

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UPDATE: The ufologist that Shirley de Queiroz contacted is Claudeir Covo, renowned Brazilian ufologist. He kindly clarified it further:

“Osmar de Freitas, of the GEONI UFO research group, who was also a balloon maker, watched the video and concluded it was a balloon.

When we told Shirley that it was a balloon, she didn’t accept the conclusion.

At the time, on the Internet, we found a similar balloon:


I still have her testimony recorded in video, among hundreds of tapes.

As an ufologist, I would very much like that this video was that of a UFO. But it isn’t.”

And so it is that this case had already been investigated and solved many years ago. It is indeed from before the drone saga.

With thanks to Claudeir Covo for the information.

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  1. tellurian January 14th, 2008 7:09 pm

    brazilian ufologists kick ass!

  2. Damn Data January 15th, 2008 2:37 am

    Drone video…

    We have looked at the Caret drones before. Whitley Strieber has even claimed to see one and now he (or at least his blog) enthusiastically presents what might be the first video of one (although there is a possibly earlier video):

    Hat tip

  3. craig york January 15th, 2008 7:51 pm

    When I first saw this video a few weeks back, I couldn’t help but notice that the ‘claws’ seemed to be flapping. My
    first impression was that it was a kite…

    While I do think that any extraterrestrial observation of
    our planet is likely to be conducted by robotic craft of
    some kind, I doubt they will be quite this obvious.

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  5. loupgarous December 22nd, 2008 9:57 am

    Yeah, nothing like jerky Saturday morning photos of “flying objects” to confirm UFO reports. The “claws” were a big selling point. :-)

    Of course, the docking adapter on Apollo/Soyuz and the ISS were claw-like, as are some solar panels on old and current spacecraft.

    But the lady’s going to go through “ufologists” until she finds one who tells her “Yes! This is exactly what a UFO looks like! You’ve given us iron-clad proof!”

    Hopefully the guy won’t clean our her checking account while he’s duping her.

  6. Scot UFO – UFO sightings, news & events from around Scotland…

    look take it or leave it… face the facts and truth. we are not alone period. i have docs and pics right in my filing cab all about UFO reports and history. IF YOU DO RESEARCH (TAKES TIME) you will find out lots of stuff about top secret stuff hidden …

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  8. yahn February 13th, 2010 3:59 am
  9. […] sceptic Kentaro Mori over at forgetomori has a great write-up on the video, explaining why he believes the object to be a hot air balloon. […]

  10. Al Networks April 2nd, 2011 4:57 pm

    Why don’t you include us the URL needed to check your “spiky” ballons, sir??

    Do you really think that people could mistake “ballons” with real UFOS?

    Not even mrs. Shirley believe that, and she was the witness:

    “Osmar de Freitas, of the GEONI UFO research group, who was also a balloon maker, watched the video and concluded it was a balloon.

    When we told Shirley that it was a balloon, she didn’t accept the conclusion.”

    Most surely those ballons were created a posteriori to help in your evident work of COVERUP!


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