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The “Chupa-Chupa” strikes back?


“Other UFO sightings were seen recently by residents of the city of Belterra, 45 kilometers from Santarem [Para, Brazil], where two teenagers, 13 and 15 years old, claimed they were victims of the ‘chupa-chupa’ [suck-suck] in the end of last month. They said they were walking near the Maguari beach when they saw themselves among strong and colored lights and hit by something they never saw before.

The two girls were taken to the Belterra Hospital to receive medical assistance, as they had serious burns. Another two hunters were also victims of unidentified objects. They tell they saw colored lights, which left them very scared. One of them was so traumatized he didn’t want to go on hunting anymore.”
Source: OVNI é visto por santarenos, from “Diario do Para”, 10/29/2008

An online website also mentioned the event:

“Now, the facts are happening in the west region of Para, more precisely in the city of Belterra. Until the closing of this edition, the identities of two girls who, according to some information were attacked by a UFO known as ‘Chupa-Chupa’, were still not publicized. The event happened in the Maguari community, city of Belterra, where there’s a famous beach.

Reports coming from people who were in contact with the girls say that this last weekend, the two were walking in the Maguari beach when they saw something moving in the sky, like colored lights that flashed all the time. It was then that they felt their bodies paralyzed, followed by a very strong light that hit them. The girls lost consciousness for a few moments, but as they woke up they went running to their homes.

When they got home, they told what they saw and the strange sensation they felt when in contact with the ‘strange lights’. They were immediately taken to the municipal hospital in Belterra, where they received medical attention as they showed evidence of burns in their bodies, perhaps caused by the ‘Chupa-Chupa’ which, as people say, always attacks in the city in the Maguari beach, that became famous because of the aliens.”
Source: Jovens são vitimas do "chupa chupa", from Gterra, 10/29/2008

The “Chupa-Chupa” is perhaps one of the most interesting UFO cases coming from Brazil, though it’s unfortunately made up almost exclusively of anecdotal reports. There are (or were) loads and loads of them, on the other hand, and the statewide panic in 1977-78 was investigated by a group of officers from the Air Force, in the so-called “Operation Saucer”. We made a few "new revelations” about it last year.

Alas, it’s been a week and I don’t know much more about the event. If the girls were indeed burned, then this would be a significant report. I still don’t know their names. I also don’t know if the event happened in the end of September or October, as the news item is not very clear. I guess it was September.

There’s almost no solid evidence of the original Chupa-Chupa panic – none of the known alleged photos of the phenomenon are much useful, and some of them, according to Fernando Costa, were hoaxed by him as he developed them for his father, Flavio Costa, author of almost all reports. Reports which, by the way, clearly admit they weren’t able to gather convincing proof of what they nevertheless believed: that the Chupa-Chupa was “intelligently driven”.

So a confirmed contemporary case of burn victims of the Chupa-Chupa would be something relevant. I am not that incredulous about such sort of claims: the Chupa-Chupa panic in Brazil is very similar to the Muchnowa panic in India, and mass panics do generate victims, even if the cause is not necessarily what is claimed.

The year has been somewhat agitated regarding UFOs in Brazil as the media is heavily exploiting the subject – we covered the start of it all with the Sugarcane “signs” in January and the ensuing brouhaha, which subdued and eventually went into Banana circles. It’s been recently been resurrected from the dead as new smashed grass has been found last month in eastern Sao Paulo, in the city of Peruibe.

Reports of aliens coming form Northern Brazil are also characteristically more violent, as Bob Pratt emphasized. One just has to read about the case of the aliens who threw boiling oil.

Any news on this as they come.

UPDATE: The case has been solved: “Chupa-Chupa” attack solved: it sucks.

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