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The Uberlandia captive alien video

An ├╝berwork by the Brazilian artist Philipe Kling David, from the “Mundo Gump” blog. Yes, a work of art.

In Portuguese, he also penned a not-so-short fictional story to go along with the video, and this follows his original work on the Tasso Fragoso alien photos.

The video is reminiscent of “Rubber Johnny“, an Aphex Twin music video often mistaken — by very gullible people — for a real alien footage. It’s also related to the infamous Area 51 alien interview hoax. But both these creations were made by teams of special effects, with a budget of at least some thousands, or dozens of thousands of dollars.

Philipe David’s Uberlandia alien video is a one-man show, 100% digital, and with no direct cost to its creator. Like the Haiti UFO sensation by French animator David Nicolas.

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  1. Richard Lalancette March 12th, 2008 12:53 am

    Nice CGI.

    You can see 2 clear key frames roughly at 0.22 and 0.24.

    You wouldn’t have convinced me with that, that’s for sure :)

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