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UFO Garakuta


Small figure based on an infamous photo of an alien with KGB/SS/FBI agents. According to the Mexican researcher Luis Ruiz Noguez the photo was in fact originally published in June 1950 by the USA based small paper Talk of the Times.

The news item mentioned one McKennerich, from Phoenix, and explicitly claimed this was a Martian who came out of a saucer hit by rockets. Even Keyhoe considered it a hoax.

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  1. Ferhat January 26th, 2008 8:47 am

    This one is real nice, where can I get one?
    Or is it a sold-out collectible?


  2. […] eran de la misma vieja foto… Hasta que finalmente, me encontré con esta entrada de blog: UFO Garakuta. Allí estaba mi “foto marciana” favorita mostrada como una pequeña figurilla. La entrada […]

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