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Authentic video of overhead objects in the UAE

Impressive video. Too good to be true? Well, actually the UFOs are no digital hoax. They are real objects up there. See how they come in and out of focus nicely along with the rest of the scenario.

This could have been faked digitally, but it would be a damn good job, and we actually know how it was created anyway. Can you guess it?

The author of the video, one Nick Wilty, clarified everything in his myspace page pointed at the end of the video, but for some reason he removed it. Not before we watched it. It reminds us of the best UFO photo ever.

Select the hidden white text below to read the answer.

Answer: Wilty filmed inside a large shopping mall in the United Arab Emirates. The ceiling of the mall is painted like a blue sky with clouds. That’s the “sky” we see. And the alleged UFOs are just lamps in the ceiling. Note how some are not on. The rain at the end was digital trickery, Wilty admitted.

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