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Kumburgaz, Turkey UFO video reproduction

Talking about beating a dead horse… above you can watch the amazing video of a metallic dinner tray:


In the video I covered the yellow support with a black T-shirt. The end result is quite similar to the significant and undeniable UFO” from Istanbul (click to watch the original).

My reproduction is not perfect, as I didn’t quite got the lightning right (in the first half it’s too dark, in the second too bright), and the tray I used was not very reflective (ideally, it should be as reflective as a mirror).

If those conditions were met, and I had spent more than three minutes to assemble the setup and film it, I’m quite sure I could get results identical do the original video. Including moving images “inside the UFO”, which are interpreted as aliens but could in fact be reflections of anything moving.

This video reproduction follows the original suggestion by Toni Inajar, author of the photo below. His tray is more reflective and should produce a better reproduction:


Ufologists over at UfoUpdates are quite skeptical of the Istanbul video anyway, except for… one from Mexico who also supports Jaime Maussán. So please excuse this repeated violence against a deceased equine, and enjoy the videos of dinner trays.

[Thanks and credits to Toni Inajar]

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  1. Joseph Capp October 17th, 2008 12:49 pm

    Dear Forget,
    Please give me a brake. This is your hoax to show how the Sirus group could have been fooled. I may be believe in UFOs but I am not an idiot.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

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  3. Anna October 22nd, 2008 8:04 pm

    This doesn’t look at all like the Kumburgaz video. You struck out on this one…

  4. heurisko November 1st, 2008 5:09 pm

    Good lord, that is honestly the most retarded thing I have ever seen. How about you get something productive to do instead of investing so much time in your debunker-career Mr. Mori?

  5. Anthony November 1st, 2008 9:12 pm

    Like your site much -and your usually on target- but not with this one.

  6. Carlos Magno November 6th, 2008 9:57 pm

    Mr. Mori:

    Comments on your ideas by people outside Brazil are quite different from those we are used to reading in portuguese, isn´t it?

    No matter at all. I still believe ufos and aliens really do exist and I also believe in some David Icke contents about government conspiration.

  7. ali kuruüzüm July 13th, 2009 5:32 pm

    This the worst reproduct?on ? ever seen ?n my l?fe lol

  8. andy July 30th, 2009 7:58 am

    ha ha ha.
    you my friend need help.

  9. Mario September 8th, 2009 9:26 am

    Should they get what you want, only you would be proving that you can make a video very similar to Turkish, but you would not be showing that the original video is fake. It is true that you can play anything with special effects, but show that Kumburgaz videos are fake … is not the same. SORRY

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  11. […] en su momento Kentaro Mori, desarrolla su propia teoría sobre lo que pueden ser estos objetos y recrea en video lo que pueden ser estos […]

  12. […] en su momento Kentaro Mori, desarrolla su propia teoría sobre lo que pueden ser estos objetos y recrea en video lo que pueden ser estos […]

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  14. jason lee April 25th, 2011 8:43 pm

    very good job for a three minute made thing. it is a joke that anyone believes the original. for the following reasons.

    he makes out we can see aliens and the ship is moving in the sky. but a few things are missing that even a good hoax has.
    if he is tracking it we see no trees or houses or anything to referance it to whatsoever so maybe by chance he is nowhere near trees or houses right? if you have been somewhere near no houses trees or streets its usually really dark which means you get to see lots and lots of stars. but not one in this video?

    ok still not convinced im right? then think really carefully and use logic on the next bit i type and come up with a way im wrong ready….

    the camera being used has really sucky anti shake if any. generally the more expensive the camera the more features correct? with me so far. here is the kicker…

    i live up a big hill. if i buy a £6000 camcorder it comes with two things standard. 14x optical and very good anti shake

    so unless he has a camera worth tons more and choose to carry the really expensive camera instead of taking a tripod and intentionally switch off the anti shake then whats going on? it gets better though
    at 14x optical i wouldnt be able to get as much detail as this just pointing at a car at the bottom of my hill. when he zooms out its a dot right so must be really far away otherwise would still look viewable with no zoom correct so if its far away my question is what optical zoom camera is it? 3000 optical? even strong binoculars at x50 would have problems and most video cameras dont even go that high.

    so use logic and tell me how that works.
    my theory adds up.
    cheap video camera 5x optical rubbish anti shake. small item on a hill surface board whatever. zoom out very small zoom in loads of detail. all the people that did not work that out or lack of stars and referance points you are not that bright for insulting the video.
    a 3min setup? imagine how good it would look if he took his time to actually make a hoax

    you are all really really gullible.
    yes there are probably aliens out there
    but the turkey video sucks bad.

    ps the doctor who was meant to have filmed some of this is really really into aliens. knows about videos and such. dont you think a guy that really really wants to prove they exist would choose not to zoom out and show referance points when he would know full well it would remove all doubt whatsoever zoom out oh look there is a house and the horizon and trees and above all of that is a ufo. but no he knew it but didnt do it.
    stinks of fake

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