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More Shiny Saucers

Footage of a metallic saucer from Italy, you can visit the website address stamped in the video if you want to see more. This has all the appearance of a static, small model (probably made of metallic plates or even saucers), suspended by wires. The apparent movement is not by the saucer, but simply achieved by the filmmaker moving below it.

I can’t prove it’s a hoax (not with this video on Youtube, at least), but pay attention also to the fact that instead of the implied flying saucer flying away (like flying saucers should do), it’s instead the filming that’s abruptly cut, for not apparent reason. Other than the fact this saucer is going nowhere until they cut the wires.

This style of images and videos was much more common in the first years of ufology, as we all know, Adamski being the most famous culprit. He was not alone, and the series produced by Apolinar “Paul” Villa is often reproduced, though for some reason usually without mentioning his name.

As Leopoldo Zambrano Enríquez pointed to us, the photo below is yet another evidence of Villa’s embarrassing hoaxes.


“You can see that the UFO is an object no bigger than 30 cm. The [orange] reflection in its bottom is evidence that it’s over the truck’s hood”. Indeed.

And let’s not forget Billy Meier, of course. As Mexican researcher Luis Ruiz Noguez says, “Beware of the Shiny Silver Discs”.

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  1. chris September 16th, 2008 12:44 am

    the saucer does look like it’s moving in relation to the clouds…

    also, notice how the image becomes unstable after it zooms in on the object, due to the camera being handheld…

    this does not mean it was not faked though. it would have been nice to see other objects in the video, to give the viewer a sense of perspective

  2. Marko May 20th, 2009 9:08 am

    The object doesn’t look static at all.
    Looking at the parallax changes, the object is moving against the sky background, there’s an independent and not linear movement. Frankly speaking I think this is pretty obvious and saying it’s a static model, it’s a pretty rough conclusion.

    I’m working in the film industry in visual effects and before computer I used to work with miniature photography, it’s very hard to achieve a smooth movement like this (just don’t look at the camera shakings), using strings, without a complex rig that sometimes requires computer motion controlled devices mounted on rails. If you’re thinking about a plastic miniature hanging from a fishing rod, well I’m afraid this is not the case!
    I’m not saying this one couldn’t be a hoax at all, but these footages (there are more than one) are the most impressive I’ve ever, ever seen in years.

  3. Sergey April 25th, 2012 3:08 pm

    Regarding of Paul Villa’s photo – I don’t know if Villa claimed that this disc was big, but in description of his contact you can read:

    “…nine remotely-controlled monitoring disks which were 14 inches in diameter, and were controlled from instrument panels in the Mothership.” (http://home.earthlink.net/~dexxxaa/_wsn/page2.html)

    14 inches it’s 35.56 centimeters.

    From this point of view this photo really shows small object and it is not a hoax.

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