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Paper or Plastic?


“An unidentified flying object has been photographed over Filton. Taxi driver Paul Matthews spotted the object in the air near the Royal Mail depot on 2pm on Friday afternoon. He quickly pulled over his car and watched as what he described as a disc-shaped object hovered in the air before disappearing as swiftly as it had appeared.”
From Bristol Evening Post: UFO photographed over Filton

I have been waiting for this moment. Alas, it’s not crystal clear. Can you guess what that UFO was? More pictures here. Some readers of the Evening Post even had the same realization.

This may help you:

The title of the post was a giveaway, but one very plausible explanation for all these records are plastic bags flying with the wind.

Plastic. Bags. Identified.

The videos were recorded by Japanese observers with the UFOCapture software mentioned earlier, and are available in the SonotaCo discussion forum.

We have already explored one other amazing record captured with the software… unidentified flying plastic bags may not be as impressive, but I never quite imagined that shopping bags high in the sky (well, not that high, but higher than you would expect) would be something to consider when investigating UFOs.

Alas, I’m still searching for a clear, definite, illustrative case of a plastic bag mistaken for a spaceship. This British one may not be a plastic bag – it could also be a balloon, or who knows, a flying saucer. But it was good enough for a post. Because it really does look a lot like a shopping bag revolving around.

So, anyway, now you know. Swamp gas is not the most disappointing explanation for a UFO.

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