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UFOs over Brazil on October 14?

A video has been posted on Youtube, and several reports are coming from social website Orkut, about one (or several) UFOs seen over Brasilia, capital of Brazil, on October 14. The video above is the most interesting of the batch, where the sender writes that:

“I was in the bus stop near the Itamarati when I saw the excitement. People were pointing to the side of National Congress and showing a set of bright objects that were approaching us. I got my cell phone and quickly recorded the video. Unfortunately until I began the recording I lost some seconds, including a sharp turn that they did apparently over the firemen HQ at the end of Eixo Monumental. Amazing. I run over to home to send this video! I’m still excited!”

Some ordinary investigations after the jump.

Above, another video purportedly of an UFO over Brasilia on October 14. You can hardly see the UFO – I’m not sure there’s an UFO there, but there are some flashes and I tend to think there was.

What you can see clearly is that everyone there is wearing tin foil hats as they cheer the UFO. I bet they created the UFO they are seeing as a joke – whether it was some LEDs suspended by a balloon, or an RC model, or some hybrid model, are just details. The Annual UFO experience shows several varieties of man-made “UFOs” – check the highlights from 2006, 2007 and 2008.

And then, I wonder if the UFO they created is the same recorded and seen by other puzzled people in the first video.

Well, I’m not only wondering, I’m checking with local people to see if they can confirm if the location seen in the second video is near the one in the first. Updates as they come.

I refuse to mention why October 14 would have been a significant date. This blog, as well as its Brazilian Portuguese counterpart, has deliberately chosen to ignore some nonsense exploitation regarding that day, that went just as any other day, except for some self-fulfilled prophecies.

UPDATE: This was quick. I have been able to confirm with locals that the two videos are of the same area. Not only that, the second video is part of a Flashmob. People scheduled that exact place and time to gather with tinfoil hats.

The culprit behind the UFO haven’t showed up yet, but all suggests someone decided to create their own show in case the aliens didn’t come.

As they didn’t.

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