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Ufologists won’t use Sagan’s name anymore


Days after being exposed, Brazilian ufologists who wanted to create a “Carl Sagan Institute” to talk with aliens decided to change the name of their group to “Galileo Galilei Institute for Extraterrestrial Life Research”.

The public announcement, though, came only now, on the website of their publication:

“In a meeting of the committee for the creation of the Carl Sagan Institute, September 7th, the proposal was approved to change the name of the group to Galileo Galilei Institute for Extraterrestrial Life Research. … The Institute’s website, still referring to Carl Sagan, will be taken offline soon and will be replaced by a new one.”

Ann Druyan, of the Carl Sagan Foundation, was “delighted with this news”, which is surely a victory to preserve Carl Sagan’s legacy.

We thank all who helped in this borderless effort, with special gratitude to Assis Utsch and Alexandre Medeiros in Brazil, Luis Alfonso Gámez in Spain, and PZ Myers and Bob Carrol from the US.

As we commemorate this news, there’s now the unfortunate abuse of Galileo’s name and legacy instead. One of the founders of modern science passed away more than four centuries ago, which makes a legal stand more difficult – as the ufologists probably considered.

On the other hand, few will assume the Italian thinker – and experimenter – personally endorsed this alienated institute. We will keep watch on their claims regarding Galileo and their actions, acting whenever possible.

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  2. Carlos Magno October 13th, 2008 2:30 pm

    Very good idea but unfortunately not realized!

    This way we would have known how anachronistic some Carl Sagan’s suppositions on Ufos are as the Institute would prove to be for and against Carl at the same time.

    Something two edges, doubtful and funny for the skepticism.

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    […] The same ufologist/editor who wanted to create an Institute of Ufology named after Sagan (which was quickly changed to Galileo after legal action was threatened), the same ufologist/editor who publicized the prophecies that […]

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