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Yet another unexplained mid-air collision?


This last Sunday, a Boeing 757 from Northwest Airlines going from Detroit to Tampa, apparently collided with an unknown object in mid-air. The damage to the nose cone can be seen in the image above, click for the news and video.

Though initially believed to be caused by an unfortunate bird, the aircraft was flying at 18,000 feet when the pilots heard a loud bang before the weather radar, inside the nose cone, went dead. That’s above the height birds usually fly.

Other possibilities mentioned go from structural failure to a lightning hit. The FAA is analyzing the nose cone, and the case echoes the more bizarre event of the Romanian fighter jet that hit unidentified objects at great height.

And in yet another case, another aircraft reports a near-collision with what looked like a small rocket in Houston, at over 5,000 feet. The near accident happened this last Memorial Day.

Invasion? UAVs? Viral marketing for the remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”?

Seriously, it’s not even clear the incident over Florida was a collision, and the one over Houston definitely wasn’t one. As for the Romanian case, that remains an unexplained one.

[via CoW/VJ Ballester Olmos]

UPDATE: Friend José Américo suggested a news item  which in turn pointed to another news of a nearly identical case.

In Janurary another Boeing 757 going from Newark and at 10,000 feet was hit by lightning, to the despair of the crew and passengers. They saw the flash of light, even smelled something burned.

Fortunately nothing much worse than that happened, but when they landed, they noted a somewhat familiar damage:


Let us wait for the FAA conclusions on the Florida case, but if I had to bet… now would be much easier to do so.

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  1. Frank July 11th, 2008 5:13 am

    Were I to make a stupid guess… You got a plane, traveling at 18,000 feet. The plane is going around 300 miles per hour. Low air pressure + high speed + collision = airplane go bye-bye.

    Just looking at the picture tells me that the plane didn’t actually hit anything. The middle portion of the dent is raised above the bottom of the dent itself. There is no hole, and I’m sorry but 1/2″ of aluminum flying at 300+ mph and hitting something is going to make a hole. Since the center of the dent is raised, it must have hit a soft donut thrown down by God.

    Either that, or perhaps – just maybe – there was a structural defect on the nose of the plane which caused said nose to collapse under the intense pressures of 300+ mph.

    I live in metro Detroit – perhaps I’ll venture down to the McNamara terminal of DTW and see the plane for myself. That is, if the uber-security force of black berets, armed with P-90s (I am sooo not joking), doesn’t shoot me first.

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