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Attack of the stick-figure aliens

Whitley Strieber called attention to two videos of “identical and extremely bizarre living forms have emerged from two different countries. Both show odd ‘stick figures’ that look nothing like any ‘alien video’ ever made. One was taken in Fresno, California [above] and the other in Santa Rosa de Quives near Lima, Peru [below].”

To Strieber, “the extremely bizarre nature of the figures and the way they move are so strange, and so completely unlike anything that has ever been offered before as “alien video,” the suggestion is strong that these are real images of unknown bipedal creatures, whose body morphology is so radically different from what has evolved on earth that the conclusion is almost inescapable that they are aliens”.

He does suggest, however, that they could be digital hoaxes. Greg Bishop at UFOMystic also suggests so. Keep reading for our ordinary investigations, with more stick figure aliens and some evidence to solve at least some of them.

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Oh my G…!


“I’ve actually had that exact experience of a light on a hill looking like a UFO, when driving along the Oregon coast near Tillamook. There was an enormous glowing object in the sky–not just a light, but a massive floating disk–and my mother and I drove toward asking each other "What on earth IS that?" for a good half hour. UFOs started to seem a lot more plausible, even to a skeptic like myself. Eventually I realized that it was the gigantic letter "G," which sits on a hillside over the town of Garibaldi, and which is apparently lit up brilliantly at night. But if I hadn’t known the G was there, and if I never went back? I’d probably still be thinking that I’d narrowly escaped the alien mothership on the Oregon Coast…” [Comment by Ursula Vernon]

Ursula made that comment on Jim Macdonald’s article proposing a very interesting explanation for what Betty and Barney Hill saw.

Whether Macdonald’s suggestion was what the Hills actually saw we may not be so sure, but surely the Giant flying G is a nice story. Fellow Manuel Borraz, who called attention to this nice piece, says it’s probably the first known case of an almost Unidentified G. It reminds me of Smoo.

To the believers, please do not be offended by any of this. I don’t mean to claim or even suggest all UFOs and aliens sightings have explanations such as these. These are in fact rare funny cases, and we must be allowed to laugh at them as such.


[Both images of the Garibaldi G from Colin’s Picasa. More on the history of that G here.]

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A Dinosaur in the Middle Ages? The Stegosaur in Cambodia


Now, isn’t that so obviously a Stegosaur? But it’s a carving from the Ta Prohm temple, located in the Cambodian jungle and built c. 1186. The first Stegosaurus fossil was only found in Colorado, USA, in 1876. Stegosaurs were extinct some 140 million years ago. And the one in that carving is all fleshy. It was a living creature.

Creationists are all excited about the carving, “amazing evidence that dinosaurs and humans coexisted” (with many photos). Dinosaurs were actually all extinct millions of years before the first humans, and they only lived together in the Flintstones – unless, of course, you consider that some dinosaurs evolved into birds.

So, many skeptics doubt the carving is authentic, assuming it’s a modern restoration, perhaps like the Salamanca Astronaut. It’s the easy answer.

But apparently, it’s really there, and it’s not a modern addition. Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman was intrigued. And wondered if “perhaps it is nothing more than a rhinoceros?”.

“Fish Head Salad”, makes a very convincing case that it is indeed just a rhino, with a decorative background: Modern Day Stegosaurus?


I side with the rhino interpretation.

Rock carvings of Dinosaurs among men are more famous in the Ica stones version. Creationists are also excited about them, including what seems like a great illustrated book cover.


Did I say that the book cover is amazing? Because it is.

Too bad they are not even honest mistakes like the Cambodian Rhino-Stegosaur. The Ica stones are just plain hoaxes. More info, in Portuguese, including photos of one of the makers of the Ica stones in O Legado dos Flintstones.

And let’s not mention the Acámbaro figures. [via Anomalist]

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Worst Dressed Grays List

worstdressedgrays by Martin S. Kottmeyer*

         I was recently flipping through a copy of September 2004’s Vogue magazine and was surprised to see a Gray in an advertisement.  It was one of a short series of ads promoting American Legend Mink that was bound by an ufo theme.  It’s unclear what was intended.  Is the Gray a ring-bearer for a wedding ceremony?  The dress certainly seems bridal, but do brides wear minks?  So is he her date and it’s a gift?  Who knows; who cares; I guess should be the right thought.  I confess my immediate reaction is that this may spell doom for the Grays.  When the cultural mainstream embraces Grays it seems time to pack up the tent and start auditioning reptoids. 


         Eventually though I began to contemplate the fashion issues.  It was interesting that the alien had rather more muscular thighs than we are used to seeing on Grays.  How odd, given the usual adoration of thin, anorexic frames in fashion venues.  It was however more important, as this is Vogue, to note what the alien wears.  In this case, of course, it wears nothing.  The clear fashion judgment is that aliens should be naked.  Presumably this is all the better to appreciate their nongendered unisexuality, a symbol that they can’t be swayed by primitive emotional drives. That, anyways, was the point of pride of naked Grays in science fiction expressed in stories like Stanton Coblenz’s “Into Plutonian Depths.” (Wonder Stories Quarterly Spring 1931)

         That has been the general fashion among aliens the past decade or so.  We could quote David Jacobs on this matter if we needed to.  But who doesn’t already know that Grays either prance about in the buff or wear skin tight outfits with little color, cut, pattern, or decoration beyond an occasional insignia.

         It has not always been so.  Those bald brainoid alien types we now know as Grays – they weren’t so labeled until the mid-80s – originally were almost always dressed.  Not uncommonly they had space helmets on, but eventually they adapted and now they never wear them.  What is more embarrassing is how dated those outfits now seem.  Occasionally, they seem to betray a problematic tendency to obey Hollywood sci-fi kitsch conventions for aliens.  As their appearance in Vogue now makes Grays fair game for fashion criticism, it is time to sic the fashion police on some of the aliens from our past.

         We present our list for the worst dressed Grays of all time.

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“Capture the Truth” (with an expensive camera)


Click on the image to enlarge and find the “truth” – there’s a small detail there on the left of Nessie’s body. It’s a nice ad for Sony’s expensive 24.6 megapixels camera.

Keep reading for a couple more excellent images of the series and some further musings.

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