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The Container Alien


In 2001, Alan Lewis, sent the image along with the following story to Art Bell:

"I have been a faithful listener for years and never thought that I would have any content for your show. Recently, my Father passed away and while I always thought that he worked in the "Black Ops Arena", I never thought that he had anything to do with aliens. Certainly, he never mentioned it. While cleaning out his house, I ran across the attached photo. If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the "container", there is an Area 51 badge. I can’t provide any proof that this is a genuine photo, however, the original didn’t look faked to me."

It’s now quite popular. As with most of the alien photos, most people wouldn’t vouch for its authenticity (including the original sender, in this case), but many wonder “what if”.

There’s no if in this case as the alien should be familiar. It’s one of the most readily available alien props. It can be bought from Amazon for a couple hundred dollars.


Although the identification of the alien as a common latex prop conclusively explains the image to any reasonable person, there’s still the question as to where and who created that exact display.

During the preliminary research for this series of posts, I stumbled by accident with the following image:


It’s from Nick Kask’s flickr, published on October 2007. It was taken at the Soutch Carolina State Museum, during the “ALIENS: Worlds of Possibilities” exhibit.

The exhibit seems to have started in 1998, and perhaps one of the first versions of the display was the one photographed with Lewis father – if we are to believe the original story. It seems to have received some other tubes since.

It’s yet another case where the photo of an alien display is being promoted as the real thing.

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The New Mexico Alien – with a zipper


ufo16capa"In 1947, New Mexico, a UFO crashed and was retrieved by the military. Immediately, the debris and bodies of several extraterrestrial beings were taken to maximum security installations, at the Wright Patterson Air Base, in Ohio – where Hangar 18 is located. The fact was kept in secret for 30 years, when some members of the medial team decided to tell what they knew. On that occasion, some black and white photos were presented to a few American ufologists, and they promised to keep them in secret for more than a decade. Now, the photos have been released and are being published in the ufological press.” [Brazilian UFO magazine, vol. 4, n.16, p.13, Aug/Sept 1991]

The photo illustrated the cover of the flying saucer mag, with the headline “Finally! Secrets about the aliens who crashed in Roswell, 1947, released”. It seems familiar. But the released information were confusing:

"Unfortunately, [the photos] are terrible in quality. Therefore, photo experts and sculptors created a wax doll based on an analysis of the original photos. They set the doll over a table, exactly as in the 1947 photos, and took new shots, this time in color. Although they are not the original photos, the image above [below] is exactly as if they were and shows an alien from the New Mexico crash, just a few hours after dying.”


Well, was the photo of a wax doll or of one of the aliens shortly after death?

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The Alien: adults only

the alien

a_dead_alienThe September 1996 issue of a major American magazine announced on its cover: “The Alien: World’s first authentic photograph”. Three photos were published in the sealed magazine which “may well be the most important pictures in the history of photography”, announced the editor.

More than a decade later, those images are still one the first that show up for anyone looking for “real alien images” on the net.

Where did they come from? Well, there was a long story for them, going from Nazis to Roswell and, of course, conspiracy:

“The picture belonged to the daughter of a German scientist who escaped to America at the outset of World War II. In this country the scientist worked with Einstein and Oppenheimer and was also involved in top-secret government research endeavors, including the infamous Philadelphia Experiment and the investigation of the crash of a mysterious spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico, in the late 1940s."

"Years after the Roswell crash, the woman says, her father presented her with several frames of motion-picture film, instructing her to keep them hidden, making it clear to her that simply possessing the film could endanger her life. Yet the film, he assured her, was genuine, and would prove beyond any possibility of denial the government’s cover-up of alien visitors on Earth. She would know when the time was right to reveal the pictures to the world."

"The images remained in the woman’s possession for nearly half a century. Devoted to her father — and her father’s memory — she obeyed his wishes and said nothing. Gradually, as public interest in the alien-visitation phenomenon grew, and as hoaxes such as the recent ‘film’ of an alien autopsy attracted attention and controversy, she began to consider going public with her secret film."

"The woman’s name will not be made public. Her well-being is in part responsible for that decision. ‘How we got in touch with each other is our business,’ Guccione says. ‘I respect her privacy and sympathize with her concerns for her own safety And I have absolutely no doubt that these pictures are genuine.’ He also has little doubt that, now that the pictures are in print, the government will insist that this is simply another hoax."

In fact there was no need for the government to insist on anything. What we didn’t tell you is that the editor was Bob Guccione, and the magazine was Penthouse. Keep reading for the whole, actual story. It’s safe for work.

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November feels Alien…


Starting today, and for each and every day of the month an extraordinary alien photo will be posted – along with our ordinary investigations!

Prepare yourself for a round trip to the fringes of belief in extraterrestrials, in 30 iconic images purported to be the real thing!

Spoiler: none of them can actually be said with confidence to be of a real alien, almost all of them will be conclusively explained as to what they really are. If you’ve got or know one that is particularly puzzling or which has an interesting explanation, do send them!

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