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Asket and Nera


The pretty lady, another blonde, is Asket. It’s one of a series of three photographs of the beautiful race of Timars aliens, from the twin DAL Universe. Along with her is Nera, and both were photographed by Swiss contactee Billy Meier aboard their spacehisp in June 1975.


They were sold by his catalog, numbers 109 to 111. They are still available on Meier’s catalog of photos, but with some captions. We’ll get to that just now.


In 1998, Luc Bürgin and Kal Korff revealed that those alleged aliens were actually American dancers from the Dean Martin Christmas Special of 1970. Meier had simply photographed a TV screen. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that Meier almost immediately recognized they were right.

"Unfortunately, during the talk with Ptaah, it now turned out that the two women shown on the photographs are not Asket and Nera from the DAL-Universe but their American doubles."

American doubles? Of course, Meier had an excuse for the forgeries he had been selling. You may read his whole explanation, it involves the Men in Black, attempts on his life, amnesia, and of course, aliens. Amazingly, despite all these elements, it makes for an extremely uninteresting story. In short, Meier claims he indeed took photos of Asket and Nera, but the authentic photos were switched by the MIBs for the ones with the American dancers; furthermore the aliens warned him of the switch but he then forgot about this warning. So he kept selling the forgeries until the photos were exposed in 1998, at which point Meier was able to quickly contact the aliens, be reminded of what he had forgotten, and publish those explanations.

Interestingly, Meier had already been giving excuses for the strangeness of the photos long before they were pinpointed as coming from the Dean Martin Show. One of the photos shows a reflection and horizontal lines. All three photos are flat and unfocused.

This can all be explained as the photos were taken of a TV screen, and amazingly, Meier had then also admitted before that this was true! Of course, he had an excuse. He took the photos from a screen… aboard the alien spaceship! Furthermore there was radiation an magnetic fields and something that also interfered with the camera. Believe it… or not.


Luis Ruiz Noguez, who is the source and reference for most of the information we are presenting in this Alien November, identified Asket and Nera as Michelle DellaFave and Susan Lund, respectively, members of the “Golddiggers” and “Dingaling Sisters” on the Dean Martin Variety Show from 1969-1973.

The Independent Investigations Groups (IIG) contacted DellaFave, who recognized herself and Susan Lund:

"I know that the picture of myself and Susie is from the Dean Martin show when the Golddiggers were guests on the show. I think it is about 1971 and I did wear my hair with little curls at the side of my face. It amazes me that he chose that picture. I guess it was when they did the reruns in Europe. I do not want anyone thinking I am causing any problems. I am simply stating the truth involved with these pictures. I just know a picture of myself when I see one, as anyone else would. I know it is from a segment when The Golddiggers would sit around Dean Martin and sing beautiful ballads called ‘Welcome To My World.’"

The mention to the little curls at the side of her face is funny because Meier originally stated that these curls were her earlobes – one of the few differences between them aliens and us humans.

DellaFave also sent an image which is from the exact same scene, from the outfits to the column in the background:


There we can see that all this time, two of the three photos had actually three beautiful girls – but one only showed her shoulder.

Meier is also known for photographing a dinosaur illustration and claiming it was from his time travels, as well as having one of his most famous flying saucers built with a garbage can lid.

– – –

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  1. Chris November 11th, 2009 1:29 pm

    if we ever do meet an alien race, i hope this is what they look like. 😉

  2. Ralph Baker November 20th, 2009 11:18 pm

    Hello from Rhode Island USA. I don’t know about Billy Maier, but Michelle – who I emailed with recently – got a few laughs from the photos. There are more ‘alien’ photos of Michelle at:

    And if you are interested in seeing The Dean Martin Show plus The Golddiggers TV series again, PLEASE come see my WordPress blog. It is titled “Wanted – The Dean Martin Show!”, and you’ll find it at – draaiorgelfan.wordpress.com -.

    USA celebrates Thanksgiving on November 26. Cheers!

  3. gerald December 17th, 2009 10:33 pm

    Another claim regarding the Asket/Nera photos by the assiduous antagonists, is that Billy allegedly photographed his pictures during the Dean Martin Show directly from the TV monitor—which ties into one point all the intentions by the “Men in Black.” And yet, this would be such an elementary form of forgery that not even the most idiotic pseudo-contactee would think of it. This obvious lie would probably be noticed even by a child and most certainly by the millions of viewers who had watched this TV production if the photographs, taken from the TV monitor, were suddenly shown in public.

    Worth mentioning is another point, namely, the manner in which Billy Meier’s first photographs came into being:

    His first photos were taken with an old Olympus 35 ECR camera, which he, as a one-armed man, was able to utilize problemfree with only one hand. He bought this somewhat dilapidated camera (its aperture ring was stuck in one position) from his brother, Gottlieb Meier, in January 1975 for CHF 50.–. If, as claimed, the photos had been taken from a color TV monitor in the 1970s, any enlargements of the picture would invariably also show the 3-color grid of the cathode ray tube, which would show the colors blue, green and red arranged in three dots. This fact was previously investigated by our photo technician, a printing specialist who worked with tenfold enlargements and other enlargement tasks.

    In order to produce photo-sized pictures from a TV unit, Billy would have had to place his Olympus camera directly in front of the TV, since this simple camera possessed neither an automatic light meter nor a zoom lens.

    On the Asket/Nera pictures no such color dot grid of the television monitor is detectable that would distort the photos for even a minimal enlargement.

    Conclusion: The pictures were forged without Billy Meier’s knowledge either by photographer S. directly, or at least with his assistance, after he was severely threatened by the “Men in Black” organization.

    The look-alike faces and maybe other features of the two entertainers were copied into Billy’s original photos. This fact is obvious to a determined fastidious scrutinizer when abnormalities are observed by making a thorough comparison of the pictures. Obviously, the forgers got a little carried away in their work because they simply forgot to take into consideration the color dots of the cathode tube upon which the previous claim could be based. However, neither round nor square colored light dots can be observed which are still common on TV monitor tubes even today. This invalidates, therefore, the claim that the pictures were photographed from a TV monitor.

    Still, the forgers went to great lengths to be painstakingly meticulous in their task. Billy Meier’s photo reveals small curls below Asket’s earlobes, which were until now cause for wild rumors. Her earlobes, however, cannot be seen on the photo and in reality they are merely a little more than one centimeter longer than a terrestrial human’s. On the picture of the revue dancers the two curls are noticeable; they are not earlobes as many people misinterpreted them, but two curls of her hair.

    Not until July 1976 did Billy purchase his first color TV unit (brand SABA) from Mr. Bär’s Bauma store, whereas the photos of Asket and Nera were taken a year earlier, on June 26, 1975.

    Michael Hesemann, the rational ufologist who recognizes the truth, expressed himself with these words about the Asket/Nera photo forgeries:

    “Among defamers and know-it-alls, the matter is simply such that the truth is interpreted as a feeble excuse. And yet, when one does not express the truth, one is accused of camouflaging it.”

    For negators, know-it-alls and defamers you can do whatever you wish, in other words, you can stick to the truth or hide it. You’ll never do the right thing by them, because they are determined to negate, know everything better, and defame. The fact is always looked upon as the least likely of the alternatives. This is the way of terrestrials and it cannot be changed.


  4. alexander awadzi August 2nd, 2010 7:25 pm

    It´s remarkable that phobal cheng has been a very important testimony for Billy Meier,who claim to say that asket visited her in her sleeping room. Asket just appear in the room and sit down near Phobal Cheng pillow. Later on Phobal Cheng saw asket and billy having conversation with oneanother. For the one who are interesting about the testiomony, please visit youtube and type in. phobal cheng and you will see the testimony of this cambodian lady.
    peace, harmony and love be to all.

  5. Jodie August 25th, 2010 2:51 pm

    Right. I guess it was the 70’s on their planet also.

  6. No fool like some April 21st, 2011 12:41 am

    Wow. That is hilarious. How can any sane person believe this utter lunatic?

  7. Nate May 8th, 2011 7:30 pm

    Slanted review. FYI Most of the people that study Meier’s work try there hardest not to believe or be a believer rather we base our decision making on evidence, wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

    Really you should look at all the facts before lay down your conclusion.

    Or better yet come from a neutral point of view then without a preconceived conclusion.

    Don’t you want the truth? Don’t you care?

    Meier is not the only one whom has had dealings with the men in black.
    Which according to Meier the original intriguers no longer pose a threat thanks to the Sirian Authorities. The men in black model has been copied by certain Governments, power factions, and dis-information groups. A tell tell sign the fluorescent eyes of that particular human race.

  8. ricardo32 July 11th, 2011 1:47 am

    Billy Meier nunca dijo que había fotografiado a las pleyadianas o a mujeres del universo paralelo Dal. Él dijo que había fotografiado las naves, y que a menos de 500 metros de la nave, los campos electromagnéticos velaban la película y que era imposible filmarlas más cerca.
    Miren sus documentales, escuchen sus palabras de su misma boca. No sean necios.
    ¿De dónde salen estas fotos?. Propaganda anti-informativa.
    Un saludo.

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