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“The 3 second Eben”… Intruder


The image above is a frame from "UFOs: Fifty Years of Denial", produced by James Fox. The clip lasts for three seconds and is a camera scan of a still black and white picture, which we will show further down below.


It apparently came from Bob Dean, who writes:

“Is this real? Several years ago I was attending a UFO conference in Mexico City when a Mexican policeman approached me. He had a photo he said was a legitimate picture, he stated he knew it was an authentic photo of a small grey that had been captured by the Mexican Federal police at a crash site.

His sincerity and serious demeanor impressed me. Being as always cautious and somewhat dubious of such situations, I accepted the picture and thanked him for his efforts.

Over the years I have encountered other pictures that I learned were authentic and reflected on the legitimacy of the present picture. I submit this to the viewers as a very likely authentic photograph of a small grey."

Peregrine Communications called it therefore “the 3 second Eben”. The original still is this:


Among the many strange elements on the photo, including the twisted neck (“evidence of crash injuries?”), one has to wonder why does this photo is so tall and thin, that is, it’s not in any common picture format. It was probably cropped from an original photo.

Well, not probably. It was cropped from this original photo, found by Mexican researcher Luis Ruiz Noguez, which as we once again repeat, is the source and reference for most of our information in this Alien November: Intrudefrs

It doesn’t look very authentic now, does it? It’s a backstage photo from the movie Intruders (1992). Yes, yet another major (made for TV is something) ufological movie is the source for another major “authentic” alien photo.

Believers would immediately say the woman was inserted in the photo to discredit the “3 second Eben” photograph. It’s possible. But if you look at the Brazilian cover for the movie:


It’s clear that it’s the “3 second Eben” from Fox’s “50 years of denial”. The outfit, head, eyes, even wrinkles between the eyes. You can’t deny it.

– – –

Did I mention that Noguez is publishing a series of books about alien photographs. Oh yes, I did.

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  1. The AMOCO Alien | forgetomori November 12th, 2009 1:53 am

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  3. Lee Lustig March 25th, 2011 11:56 pm

    That is SO not the same photo. The one with the girl next to it is blatantly a recreation of the photo. Why do they look so different? In one of them the alien’s right eye has wrinkles underneath it, in the other one it doesn’t. Why do they look so different?

  4. zapper May 18th, 2011 3:56 pm

    @Lee Lustig,

    Your “wrinkles” challenge in the photo does not turn out significant enough. With so much technology today, anyone can manipulate a cartoon image and make it look realistic. Besides, I wonder how both the images are in Gray-scale and not in Colour. This explains the fact that the whole alien thing is FAKE.

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