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The Alien Autopsy


Yes, “The Alien Autopsy” has already been more than autopsied as the hoax it is. There won’t be any news here, but the “Alien Autopsy” is certainly the most successful hoax in ufology. Ever. You could measure that by the number of people worldwide that saw it, the money it generated for its creators or the repercussions it had on the field.

We couldn’t leave it out of this Alien November. We won’t deal in detail with the whole story, though.

As a summary of current events, you can either watch this long documentary where Ray Santilli finally admits, more than ten years later, that the alien was made with latex stuffed with sheep brains and chicken entrails:

Or this quick and entertaining clip from the movie “Alien Autopsy” (2006), of which Santilli was a producer, and reason why he made the confession above (it was to promote this comedy movie):

Regarding the creation of the dummy, although not acknowledged, I think that John Humphreys was probably inspired by an illustration of the “Aztec UFO Crash” published in 1987, by William Steinman:


Note the face profile. An almost exact match.

The footage inspired a series of similar creations. Luis Ruiz Noguez, as usual, is our source, and he has compiled more than a dozen other alien autopsies (including the one Santilli created before his magnum opus).

Our kind collaborator internos also comments in more detail about the “Yugoslavian” autopsy, which was actually created in Italy as part of CICAP’s contest of hoaxes. It won the contest.

Last year a very tiny alien autopsy also circulated on Youtube, proving Alien Autopsies are an enduring genre.

Santilli also shows what we all should be doing. How many other people could say they became millionaires thanks to ufology? Some have gone crazy or actually taken their lives due in great part to their involvement with the field.

Obviously they were not doing the right thing.

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  1. Mr Kajou November 26th, 2009 9:47 am

    If you like Joking, a hold sketch from “Les Guignols” french satire tv emission

  2. J-Rod | forgetomori November 26th, 2009 11:33 am

    […] Trey Stokes, and aired in the USA at the 20/20 TV show, ABC, April 4, 1997. It was a recreation of Santilli’s Alien Autopsy, with a lot more sophistication – this one doesn’t hide its problems behind poor film quality. […]

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