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The Intensive-Care Unit Alien


“The best thing about this alien picture is that it shows that somebody somewhere was trying to keep this alien alive. That gives us hope that not everyone that comes in contact with a real alien is looking to exploit them for negative reasons. This picture of a dying alien shows the alien in a seriously frail state but fighting to stay alive. We only wish we knew if the alien in this alien picture won its fight for life.” [Alien-ufo-pictures]

Bad news: the alien didn’t survive, in fact it was brutally shot at gunpoint, with its green blood splattering everywhere. How do we know? Because this alien comes from episode 7, season 4 of X-Files: Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man.


There are some small differences between the original image and the ones that can be seen in the episode – the eyes and skin color seem to have a different tone, which is probably due to lighting; one of the electrodes is in a different position. The nose, the breathing apparatus and mostly all the other details are exactly the same, however.

The differences are probably due to the fact the circulated image was a promotional shot, centering in the alien, with a slightly different setup. And we are not speculating.

The image was originally published on the web in a now defunct website listing all X-Files episodes, along with images for each episode. This was the image for this particular episode, which is quite important in the X-Files story as it would be the reason for “Deepthroat” to help Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

I embedded the relevant scenes from the episode below.

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