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The Salinas Alien many stories


“In 1979 or 1980, a named "Chino" Zayas met and killed this little creature in a cave, near Santiago of Puerto Rico. Rafael Baerga took a series of photographs of the being, which has been put out of his formaldehyde jar on the occasion.” [Patrick Gross, “Photographs that could be genuine”]

Gross usually does a good work, including when presenting ET photos, but in his possibly genuine photos he actually presents the same story as two cases. Because, you see, what he presents as the Salinas case of 1980, which is actually a photo of a latex prop, and the Zayas Case, are one and the same. Santiago is actually Camp Santiago at Salinas, Puerto Rico, from which one can realize that the Salinas and the Zayas case are different versions of the same story.

He’s not to be blamed because as Noguez has compiled, there are at least three different stories going along this series of photos. One of them was published in Quest magazine, according to which two children from Puerto Rico saw a flying saucer landing, and small aliens coming out. The aliens grabbed their pants. One of the children took a tree branch and hit one of the tiny creatures in the head, killing it. They took the body of the dead alien to their town, Salinas, and a local coroner gave them a jar with formaldehyde, into which they put it.

Tellingly, there are no actual names in this tale.


Levitating Cattle

Another version comes through Scott Corrales, again with no names. It’s such a wild story, I’ll reproduce it in full:

“A cattle rancher in northern Puerto Rico became alarmed at the growing number of animal mutilations taking place on his property, and decided to mount a vigil one night with two friends, all three of them armed with 30-30 rifles, in order to capture the culprit. The mutilators turned out to be four small, strange creatures which emerged from beyond a nearby mountain stream. The dumbfounded humans looked on as the foursome entered a stable and extracted a small heifer by means of levitation. The animal appeared abnormally still and floated above the creatures.

The cattle rancher fired at the small entities repeatedly, scoring a direct hit on one of them, causing it to fall to the ground and issue strange shrieking noises. The heifer plummeted to the ground while the three remaining creatures tried to succor [help] the wounded one, which attempted to rise to its feet. Before this could happen, the cattle rancher and his friends fired another volley at the beings, who fled into the night, abandoning their companion. One of the rancher’s comrades delivered a crushing blow to the wounded creature’s head with a piece of wood, killing it.

The mystery being has been in and out of freezers for the past decade, removed on one occasion to be photographed by one of the rancher’s relatives. The rancher himself has refused to step forward or allow specialists to examine his prized possession out of fear that "the U.S. authorities on the island would take action against him to cover up such of evidence."”

Granted, Corrales does mention there’s yet another version of the story, but he presents the levitating cattle story as the “version of the story that bears the greatest weight”. Even without any actual name. Nor any sign of a bullet wound. One would think a rifle shot in a twelve inch creature would be noticeable.

The NASA took it away

The one story that has a name to go along with it comes from local Puerto Rican ufologist Jorge Martín, and is very much like the one with the children, but without the children nor the flying saucer. Instead, it involved José Luis “Chino” Zayas, who one morning went to the Cayey caves behind the Santiago Camp in Salinas. He was allegedly looking for native archaeological artefacts and was joined by an… unnamed friend. Probably not a child.

Inside the cave they found these little creatures. They were playing and also had balls of light flying behind them. One of them struck Zayas in the back and grabbed into his pants. He tried to grab it, but the creature was about to bite his finger. Then he took a stick and hit its head.

As Noguez notes, where there could be a stick inside a cave? Wouldn’t it be easier to use a lamp already in his hand?

Anyway, with one blow Zayas killed the creature, the others fled. What he did then? He ran nonstop to his house. But not before he made sure to take the body of the creature with him. That makes perfect sense.

Then comes the story involving Zayas sister, Elizabeth, his wife Ada (which in another account is actually the wife of a policeman), one of his friends, José Luis Pizarro commenting on how the creature was not a foetus because it had a “large male sexual organ”, and the gran finale: that men speaking English from NASA took it away.

Or not.

Yet more stories

Recently, another Puerto Rican ufologist, Reinaldo Rios, reported that the alien was in fact being disputed “into what may well be the first case of the judicial custody of aliens”. As you would expect, however, Rios gave yet another story, involving a security guard named Serges.

The important thing is, Rios published what seems to be a more recent photo of the specimen:


And noted that it now is around two-inches in size. Consider that Martin never actually saw the specimen, but rather the series of photos taken by Baerga, so he repeated the twelve-inch size as reported in such interesting tales. Even considering a shrinkage, the creature was probably much smaller.

So, what was it? Almost all stories have one thing in common: at one point or another they mention the possibility it was just a monkey foetus, only to then try to discard it. That’s because it’s very probably one, and that would not make for such an interesting story as cattle levitating intraterrestrials.

“It has a zygomatic arch, so it’s a mammal”, stated professor Eduardo Bessa, zoologist from the Mato Grosso State University, answering my inquiry.

“From the postorbital bar and the shape of the cranium, I would bet on a primate. From the position of the nostrils, I would guess a Platyrrhini, an Old World monkey (which would include ourselves), but as the specimen is all contorted, it could be a Catarrhini, a New World monkey”.

A mammal, probably a monkey, possibly even a human foetus. Which would be just tragic.

But, again, what exactly was it? From the photos alone, it’s hard to tell.

“I don’t know what it was, but if it’s alien, the Creator is not very creative”, said Bessa.

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  1. […] are several versions to the story, though in this case there is not so much variation as in the Salinas case. Almost all of them mention the old woman, Tamara Velikopolskyana Prosivirina. But they differ from […]

  2. Scott Corrales November 19th, 2010 10:59 am

    You say I “provide stories with no names” in a veiled suggestion of wrongdoing on my part. My source for the story was the Puerto Rican ufologist you mention further below, and he was paranoid about having the names of the parties involved made known (other names emerged later as the story developed). When I made the story known to STRANGE magazine – with the ufologist’s blessing, I might add – there were pseudonyms being employed. There are two (2) versions of the story appearing in the “final” version which I translated years after the original incident.

  3. Mori November 20th, 2010 4:40 pm

    Thanks for the clarification, Scott.

    So, Martin himself was responsible for the pseudonyms and lack of actual information. I guess he must have indeed been paranoid about great government conspiracies, but the conspiracy he may have actually helped promote by withholding information is the one where a common foetus is sold as an alien.

  4. […] As one version of the story goes, two teenage boys exploring a cave near Cerro Las Tetas stumbled upon a whole colony of aliens, and bludgeoned one of the creatures to death in their panic. The pickled alien was revealed to the world by ufologist Jorge Martin later that year. It was never subjected to thorough scientific examination, however, and its current whereabouts are unknown. Señor Martin has since moved on to other dead aliens that are definitely fake. (read more at the Forgetomori blog) […]

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