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a_dead_alienThe September 1996 issue of a major American magazine announced on its cover: “The Alien: World’s first authentic photograph”. Three photos were published in the sealed magazine which “may well be the most important pictures in the history of photography”, announced the editor.

More than a decade later, those images are still one the first that show up for anyone looking for “real alien images” on the net.

Where did they come from? Well, there was a long story for them, going from Nazis to Roswell and, of course, conspiracy:

“The picture belonged to the daughter of a German scientist who escaped to America at the outset of World War II. In this country the scientist worked with Einstein and Oppenheimer and was also involved in top-secret government research endeavors, including the infamous Philadelphia Experiment and the investigation of the crash of a mysterious spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico, in the late 1940s."

"Years after the Roswell crash, the woman says, her father presented her with several frames of motion-picture film, instructing her to keep them hidden, making it clear to her that simply possessing the film could endanger her life. Yet the film, he assured her, was genuine, and would prove beyond any possibility of denial the government’s cover-up of alien visitors on Earth. She would know when the time was right to reveal the pictures to the world."

"The images remained in the woman’s possession for nearly half a century. Devoted to her father — and her father’s memory — she obeyed his wishes and said nothing. Gradually, as public interest in the alien-visitation phenomenon grew, and as hoaxes such as the recent ‘film’ of an alien autopsy attracted attention and controversy, she began to consider going public with her secret film."

"The woman’s name will not be made public. Her well-being is in part responsible for that decision. ‘How we got in touch with each other is our business,’ Guccione says. ‘I respect her privacy and sympathize with her concerns for her own safety And I have absolutely no doubt that these pictures are genuine.’ He also has little doubt that, now that the pictures are in print, the government will insist that this is simply another hoax."

In fact there was no need for the government to insist on anything. What we didn’t tell you is that the editor was Bob Guccione, and the magazine was Penthouse. Keep reading for the whole, actual story. It’s safe for work.

You can check the original Penthouse cover here (it’s not very safe for work, though).

The alien images had in fact been circulating for more than a year when they were published by Guccione. Originally know as the “Hong Kong Alien”, as they were published by a local tabloid shortly after Santilli’s Alien Autopsy, to some “they looked more ‘real’ than Santilli’s alien in the sense of ‘more like one would expect.’”

As it turns out, they were real, so real that they can be seen by anyone who goes to Roswell and visits the "UFO Museum". The alien is a dummy in a display:


The hospital bed on Roswell’s UFO Museum display is exactly the one seen in the “authentic” photos from Hong Kong, reproduced by Guccione. Needless to say, the alien dummy is also the same.

It’s not however any dummy. It’s an original creation for Showtime’s “Roswell" (1994) TV movie. The artist responsible for the feat was Steve Johnson, who would also work on “Spiderman-2” and Spielberg’s remake of “War of the Worlds”.

Almost a year before publication on Penthouse, the images had already been debunked by the movie producer:

CNI News, October 12, 1995 – Paul Davids, executive producer and co-writer of the Showtime television movie "Roswell," says he is 100% certain that the so-called "Hong Kong alien" is a prop made for his film.

“[I wish to] inform everyone… that this "alien" is definitely one of four props that were built for our film.  After production, it was given on loan to the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico. There it is on display for the public, in this precise hospital bed, where anyone can visit it and take pictures of it.  We never intended it to become the object of this kind of hoax.

"Please note that I have compared the body in all its details to some of the dozens of photos I have of that particular movie prop.  My determination is 100% correct with no possibility of error.  Each  detail of every wound matches.  It does appear that someone has used  pen or some computer program such as adobe photoshop to cover the  genital area and to add a bit of false color.

"I am very disappointed to see that this is being presented to unsuspecting people, both in press and over the internet, as something actual, when it decidedly is not.”

Many other images from the “Roswell” movie still circulate in the Internet as real alien images. Those were not even taken from a prop display at the Roswell UFO Museum, they were taken directly from the movie or from publicity images:


Below, some more images of another of the props made by Johnson – identical to the Hong Kong/Penthouse one, but with slightly different wounds. It’s part of a recent display in Japan:


In this case, only the publisher of an adult magazine was – or acted as if he was – fooled, along with countless webmasters around the Internet. Ufologists quickly found the explanation, as the images came from one of the most widely known movies about ufology and the producers themselves took pains to debunk it.

As we will see, when things are a little more complicated, and news took a little longer to spread around, even ufologists can be easily fooled. [with info from VJ, ufo.se]

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  2. Gray April 3rd, 2010 3:45 pm

    “even ufologists can be easily fooled”

    As we see time and again, they’re usually the first and only ones who ever are.

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