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YeaGS! Yet another Giant Snake


Workers at Fushun, Liaoning, China, allegedly found a 17 meter snake while working with a shovel car this past August 4, 2009. They noticed blood in the sand, apparently the shovel had hit the creature, which died shortly afterwards. Some accounts tell it weighed 300kg, others a measly 103 kg, which is probably closer to reality.

As in so many photos of this kind, there is some forced perspective. Note how the leaves are close and also look unearthly big. We must have a reference, and the shovel seems to be half of the length of the bent snake, that is, the shovel is around a fourth of the creature’s original length.

Assuming a 1,5m length for the shovel, the snake would be around 6 meters in size, around a third of the claimed one.

Of course, it’s possible that that shovel was almost 5 meters in length. Those are small, but Chinese shovel cars, they must have superpowers. In any event, this is a curious photo, and a 20 feet snake is already something impressive.

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  1. JS October 26th, 2009 12:55 pm

    Hello-I disagree about the “enormity” of the vegetation. It seems obvious to calculate the (approximate) actual length of the snake based on the size of the men in the photo. I think it’s safe to assume the men are (at least) 5 feet tall. The snake in this photo based on the size of the men in the photo is at least 35 feet long. I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and know of 2 instances that snakes 20 feet long were observed around here. This to me is a very realistic and startling photo.

  2. GL October 26th, 2009 3:44 pm

    Forced perspective is clearly at work here. If you could determine the make and model of the hoe(and therefore, the extension of the digging arm), you could make an estimate as to the true length of the snake. It is, however, not as simple as measuring the man in the photo and applying that, without adjustment, to the snake.

  3. JS October 26th, 2009 7:30 pm

    The photo is being taken from above and to the side, apparently to best include the snake, etc.

  4. Kobie October 29th, 2009 5:06 pm

    Photo was taken with a wide angle lens. Probably 10 to 12mm.
    That is why the field depth is so wide and the leaves are big near the camera. The whole photo is in focus. If somebody remember a photo taken of a cows nose that looks like the nose is just as big as the cow itself. Same thing That hoe wil have to have one great big couterweight at the back to balance a scoop that big. That snake is no more than 3 meters.

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