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Real deaths behind Indiana Jones’ latest legend


Indiana Jones’ wacky search for crystal skulls ended up involving aliens and the “lost city of Akator”. But not only are crystal skulls just contemporary hoaxes, the real story behind “Akator” is one that goes beyond fraud.

The case has been already summarized in a good article by Philip Coppens, but now Bruno Farias has published an audio interview with “Tatunca Nara” himself, conducted at the end of 2007.

“Tatunca”, actually German-born fugitive Gunther Hauck, claimed to Farias that 80% of the book that made his claims famous worldwide were lies created by Karl Brugger. That’s not a big surprise, since Brugger has been murdered and all the claims have been proven false. But not very smart, since as Farias notes, Hauck himself recorded his claims on tape at the time. Just one more nail in the many coffins that spurred from these wild claims. Unlike Indiana Jones, those searching for Akakor or El Dorado weren’t immortal.

Presenting some new information and emphasizing how Hauck remains free to this day, I read Farias article with a grain of salt – I haven’t heard of him before –, but it does seem consistent with what is already known.

The article is available here: Lost Cities of Amazon. The audio interview is in Portuguese, apparently recorded from a phone, no English subtitles are given.

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