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Cthulhu’s time has come

An ancient chant, still celebrated in degenerate form during solstices, by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society.

Merry Newtonmas!

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  1. PersonFromPorlock December 22nd, 2009 10:56 am

    Interesting. I remember a time, fifty years ago, when only a nerd’s nerd would have known who H.P. Lovecraft was (and I did know).

    Oh, well, I suppose if Taz can become retrospectively famous, so can Cthulhu.

  2. Flipus December 22nd, 2009 3:34 pm

    Nice work, I like it.

    But I have a little critic:

    In this mythologie, Cthulhu is a main character, a Great Ancien. A god or a devil… I dont kwow, but I am sure that he does not live in our 3D world. His existence takes parts in other dimensions. So I think he cannot be represented as a conventional object or thing of our world.

    Cthulhu is not a “one block character”. His head may be in front of you, while his hands are on your left, without any connection between them. He is a guy who does not comes in peace, but in pieces… That’s why you cannot even think about escaping Cthulhu: he is definitly above any human habilities.

    But again, I liked your work.

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