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Mengerubik Cubesponge


“Right, now solve it”, challenges Petter Duvander, creator of the nightmare above. Because, you see, that’s no simple conjunction of Rubik’s cubes, but a conjunction forming a Menger sponge, a fractal. With each iteration the object becomes more and more complex – the image above is the result after only three iterations.


Is this disturbing? Keep reading for a vision of hell.


A Mengerubik cubesponge after four iterations. 160,000 elements. You can see the original 25 megapixels version too. Or a crosswords for multidimensional aliens.

The concept of a Menger sponge after infinite iterations, made-up of Rubik’s cubes and our irresistible craving for solving their disorder is mind-boggling. I joked about it being a vision of hell for puzzle enthusiasts, but they are also a magnificent metaphor for the complexity of the Universe.

You see, quarks also have “colors”, and matter is, like the Menger sponge, basically made of empty space. As my reader Marco pointed out, “each solid color you can see can be interpreted as one (or more) solved Rubik cube”. Think about it, billions of infinitesimally small Rubik’s cubes constantly changing and scrambling their faces, with simple movements, but together making up an unthinkable complexity.

“Right, now solve it”.

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  1. gulogulo June 15th, 2009 2:40 am

    fantastic. i love this blog

  2. Turbojelly September 8th, 2009 10:04 am

    Turn left.

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