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Moonwalker Bird

In the forests of Central America, this little bird, a red-capped manakin,  does the Moonwalk to impress the females. It sure impress us. Nite Owl would love it, and speaking of birds and owls, here’s another image:


“Is it a hamster… is it a fat mouse… is it a tribble? To me it’s just one of those photo’s that makes me want to laugh out loud! It is in fact an owl !!!!!!! He (obviously) was sat on a stump and all of a sudden something caught his eye walking across the studio floor…could have been a fly or a spider. He just crouched down and made himself into a round feathery ball!”, tells Jig.

It’s also the Owl ship design itself. Owls can be further surprising, if you simply surprise them:

This is not only ornithological curiosity, it’s also relevant to our Fortean interests, as the strange appearance that owls can have may have been the cause of their confusion with aliens… or gnomes. The Symmonds Gnomes.

symmonds2 Owls are also a suggested explanation for the Kelly-Hopkinsville creatures and even the Flatwoods Monster.


Is this the very prosaic explanation for these unexplained cases? Perhaps. Moonwalking birds are a good demonstration there are a lot of unexpected things out there.

As a minor Fortean note, back in April we posted about “Michael Jackson’s ghost”. [Moonwalking bird via Fogonazos]

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