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“Alien Skeleton” case solved


It came to light in 2004, in circumstances akin to a mystery novel. Wilson Estevanovic, from a centuries-old European family now in Brazil, was the curator of many strange artifacts. And just before his death, he gave his son, Wellington, the “mission to recover the pieces”, spread throughout the country in sealed boxes.

Box number 7 should be open only seven years after Wilson’s death”, he said just “moments before dying”. Tense. When the box was finally open, “the surprise. Inside was the mummified skeleton of a singular being. The head measures almost a meter in diameter. The thorax, only 12 cm. The eyes are disproportionate, there are no ears, the teeth are complete and there are six fingers in the feet. Besides the skeleton, in the same box, a rock. ‘It’s a piece of meteorite, weighing 14 Kg’, [Wellington] explains.” Creepy?

Not so much. We uncovered new information that question all this mystery with the not-at-all subtle suggestion that it’s the skeleton of an extraterrestrial. This spurious idea came to a point where a questionable Japanese TV show not only claimed it was an alien, but “reconstructed” its appearance in the images you can see above. Note how they even assume their alien was blue.

In fact, the skeleton is originally from an Anthropology Museum in Bahia, Brazil. It was a specimen showing a case of hydrocephalus and other malformations, but despite them, it was, and is, very human. It was discarded around 1998, around the time Wilson Estevanovic passed away and a few years before the “alien mummy” was allegedly found by his sons.

Keep reading for the new photos and information. THE IMAGES ARE QUITE GRAPHIC. They are shown here to dispel once and for all this non-mystery.



Above, left, the skeleton shown by the Estevanovics in 2004. And at right, photo taken by Alexandre Araújo in 1995 of a piece that was part of the Estácio de Lima Anthropological Museum, in the building of the Nina Rodrigues Legal Medicine Institute in Salvador.

“It was a child with hydrocephalus, palatine fissure and curved feet. The interesting thing is that the piece started to deteriorate, as the embalming process was not so efficient. It was already decomposing when it was removed from exhibition. It was around this time [1995] that I photographed it. Then, in another visit to the museum in 1998, I was told that the child with hydrocephalus was ‘discarded’ because it was heavily damaged”, Araújo wrote us.

“After seeing the ‘Estevanovic mummy’, I found that a member of the family studied Biology in Bahia. Thus, I think it was this way that the [Estevanovic] circus acquired their mummy, and that the skeleton is the same I had seen in the Estácio de Lima Museum. Just a case of hydrocephalus and other deformities.”

Indeed, though the Estevanovics claim their skeleton was found inside a box in 2004, the box itself was allegedly collected in 1997. Articles about the case in Portuguese also confirm that Veruska Estevanovic was at the time “student of Biological Sciences in the Bahia University”. A lot of coincidences.



And speaking about coincidences, it’s worth noting that it’s not just all anatomical anomalies that match – two front teeth in an appendix in the palatine fissure, absence of nose, congenital curved feet, extremely swollen cranium.

As pointed in the image above in red, even a dark spot in the left side of the head – perhaps due to an incomplete joining of the cranial fissures – as well as the openings in the cranium match perfectly.

It’s not very plausible that two children would share not only the same syndromes, already rare, but that they would also result in identical problems in the cranium. Somehow, this piece got out of the Legal Medicine Museum and ended up in the hands of the Estevanovics in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, who claim they don’t know where it came from or even if it belonged to a human being.

When they first came to light, we warned how “all evidence suggests it’s just a poor child who suffered from hydrocephalus, leporine labia and other congenital deformities.”

“By the size of the skeleton, the child must have had at most two years old and had a series of malformations. There are syndromes that can account for that”, MD Carlos Pompilio told us.

Doctor Paulo Bandarra adds that “it’s the same case of a deceased child, disrespectfully treated as an Alien.”



Both ufologists and the media, as well as the Estevanovics, conceded that the case was possibly a series of malformations, but often contradicted themselves claiming there was evidence to the contrary and insistently suggesting that it could be an alien. Our denials of such irresponsible speculations were condemned as “close-minded” and as even evidence of laziness and the inertia of orthodox science.

We emphasized how “the reasonable and ethical thing to do would be to analyze the skeleton, sure, but public statements must deny any sort of speculation. The chances and moral consequences in case this involves the careless exploitation of human suffering far surpasses the remote possibility that this could be something else.”

Such considerations fell in deaf ears around here. You can read how a local UFO magazine publicized the case in English worldwide here: Skeleton In Brazilian Museum Might Be Alien.

Examples of human deformities are not seldom preserved and shown in museums to medical students and sometimes to the general public for educational purposes. But the educational purposes of exhibiting this skeleton to children, with insistent claims that it’s mysterious and could even be alien are more than questionable.

We contacted Wellington Estevanovic and confronted him with this new information. Estevanovic denied emphatically having ever claimed that the skeleton was extraterrestrial, said he still doesn’t know where it came from, and blamed the ufologists for exploiting the case.

Fact is, all those who claim these remains belonged to an alien being are incurring in a crime according to Brazilian law: vilifying a corpse.

The image of the decomposing child, with ears, hair and half-open eyes must haunt all those who would rather believe it was a blue smurf alien without ears. Not only this poor child died prematurely, some people put their own beliefs first and are not afraid to claim he or she was not human.

It is our hope that the non-blue, real face will end all the inconsequential speculations about it. Sadly, this is not the only case of its kind. The most famous worldwide is the “Starchild skull”, but Mexican researcher Luis Ruiz Noguez points lots of others here (in Spanish).

Not even children alive are safe from such insensitive craziness. As Noguez writes, “among all photos of alleged aliens, the worst  are those that present children with several kinds of deformities.”

[With many thanks to Alexandre Araújo, who identified the skeleton, and the help of MDs Paulo Bandarra and Carlos Pompilio]

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  1. junaru January 9th, 2009 5:14 pm

    Quality read, keep up the good work.

  2. Otto January 9th, 2009 5:47 pm

    Bastards! Let the child rest in peace!

    Damn “UFOlogists” to hell for exploiting this.

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  5. KRISHNAVENI September 21st, 2009 1:58 am

    really good news

  6. emmanuel June 10th, 2010 3:03 pm

    It’s funny that you would claim that about the starchild skeleton when they analyzed it and found it had fibers weaved in the bones that no other skeleton on earth has ever been found with they also tested the density of the bone and no other human skull was or is that dense further more they also could not get a nuclear reading off of the skeleton which is impossible for any other skeleton on earth. Just sayin do your homework before you talk shit you are gonna make other skeptics look stupid.

  7. christofer Johnson August 30th, 2010 2:38 pm

    I agree with with Emmanuel. Although I have no doubts this is very human your statement about the Star child is just without facts. Not only did they do testing but they found that it was definitely not human and like emmanuel said it had fibers in it and a nuclear test proved it basically extraterrestrial. So if you want to prove that one is a human be my guest but I can promise you its not.

  8. Karen Z February 23rd, 2011 6:04 am

    @Christopher Johnson…What planet are you from. What kind of nonsense are you spouting. The skull was found to be human and all this other crap you are spouting is legend..not facts.

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