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Follow the “Alien Fetus”: graphic video

In the GRAPHIC video above presented on Italian television, an alleged aborted alien fetus is shown. You read that right, an aborted hybrid alien fetus shown on mainstream TV, in gory high-definition detail. That’s only part of a long, convoluted story told by a not-at-all anonymous lady abductee, Giovanna Podda.

You can read some translation of the video and story over at the ATS forum. And keep reading for what that “alien fetus” really is. With graphic, gory images.

To make a very (very!) long story short: the alien fetus is a skinned, gutted rabbit. Here’s the supposed alien fetus:


And here’s some rabbit meat:


Two further comparisons (source):



“We are sure around here that that was a rabbit”, says Edoardo Russo, from CISU, Italian Center for UFO Studies. “I thought the same, and it looks like they removed its ‘guts’. The abdomen is hollow”, agrees Luis Ruiz Noguez.

Biologist Gabriel Cunha points that “from the anatomy of the rear legs, it’s obvious the poor creature would have walked (or perhaps, did walk) in all fours”. Quite unexpected for an “alien-hybrid”.

If you consider that’s a skinned, gutted rabbit that was then further inserted into some animal sack, and you remember the woman claims that came from her womb, then surely the story doesn’t fit the evidence.

It’s further complicated by many other produced evidence and stories presented. Giovanna claims she is being abducted by aliens since she was 4-years-old. Now she’s 41. She has crop circles appearing in her garden. And, as a small detail, that was in fact her 18th alien hybrid pregnancy, which ended abruptly and resulted in this…

Skinned rabbit.

Our readers will probably not get very surprised with this, as we have already presented here how skinned monkeys and even real human children have been presented as “aliens”.

As is the case here, for a variety of reasons (or lack of reason) some people come up with the claims and elaborate stories, then come the “ufologists” who either accept and even encourage them without question, or on the other hand present and exploit the claims by saying “it looks like a monkey/malformed child/rabbit but it could be something else!”, as if that would save them of all responsibility.

It does not. Shame on them. This Italian TV show is presented by one Enrico Ruggeri, a pop singer. A chef would have been more appropriated, it seems.

Last but not least, Enrique Márquez remembered how Giovanna’s alien-hybrid/skinned rabbit “abortion” is a modern version of the strange case of Mary Toft.

From the Hoaxipedia:


“In September, 1726 Mary Toft began to give birth to rabbits. The local surgeon, John Howard, responded to her family’s summons and hurried to Mary’s house where, to his amazement, he helped her deliver nine of the animals. They were all born dead, and they were actually rabbit parts rather than whole rabbits. Nevertheless, this didn’t lessen the amazing fact that she was giving birth to them. (…) Then, when a famous London physician, Sir Richard Manningham, threatened that he might have to surgically examine Mary’s uterus in the name of science, she wisely decided to confess. She explained that she had simply inserted the dead rabbits inside her womb when no one was looking, motivated by a desire for fame and the hope of receiving a pension from the King.”

If you thought those were candid 18th century hoaxes, people are just as gullible in the third millennium.

– – –

With thanks to Roberto Takata, Gabriel Cunha, Luis Ruiz Noguez, Edoardo Russo and Enrique Márquez.

Besides Massimo Polidoro, Paolo Attivissimo also debunked this story. Some reasonable folks at the ATS forum also pointed it was a rabbit, though the forum is also evidence that a few people will nevertheless believe the story.

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  1. Pier Giorgio De Feudis July 15th, 2009 4:49 am

    I can debunk this debunking.

    The pictures don’t come from Massimo Polidoro, but from MY website:


  2. ops July 16th, 2009 6:21 am

    This case is insult to italian intelligence

  3. risottto July 27th, 2009 12:13 am

    … And I was just watching the first Alien today, and thinking about how the prop guys made the ‘face-sucker’ for the dissection scene. My guess was raw chicken and clams with some dye.

    Remember, if it can be done in the movies, you can do it at home, not all film effects are fancy CGI and animatronics, sometimes some well arranged raw meat will do the trick.

  4. […] o caso, como por exemplo o Centro Italiano de Investigação de OVNIs, tirou a seguinte conclusão: o suposto extraterrestre apresentado pela Giovanna é um mero coelho a quem lhe foi retirado a pele …. capa de um jornal satírico, que inventa estórias para comédia, mas que muita gente depois […]

  5. friend1 February 28th, 2013 5:17 pm

    Oooh now there’s clever!!! Just a few things that you haven’t mentioned in your ‘debunking’…
    Firstly, RABBITS DO NOT HAVE FINGERS. You very carefully do not show the fingers that this creature has at the end of its limbs. In fact, your ‘rabbit meat’ picture has the tips of the limbs cut off. All those sceptics who are reading, go and check out the video of the alien fetus and you’ll see that I’m right.

    Secondly, you also do not show the closeup of alien fetus’ head. The shape of it is completely different to that of a rabbit. It is flatter on the top an the eyes are set into the top of the head a bit like a turtle, and definitely not like a rabbit.
    Again, go and check the video on youtube.

    So go on, explain the fingers??
    Lastly, there is no single reason in the world why this lady would invent such a story. Name me one so that I can debunk your theory!

    Open your eyes and look further than your noses.

  6. stella February 28th, 2013 5:26 pm

    I’m afraid your debunking is about to be debunked. You have ‘wisely’ chosen not to show the close ups of the alien fetus, but to all those skeptics reading I suggest you check out the video of Giovanna Podda’s experience.

    You will notice that firstly, the head of the fetus is not at all like a skinned rabbit’s head. The shape is different, it is flatter and more turtle like and the eyes are set into the upper part of the head and not on the sides like a rabbit. Also, the eyes are much bigger than rabbit eyes.

    Secondly, rabbits do not have fingers. You can’t see it in these photographs, not surprisingly, but in the original you can clearly see that at each end of the four limbs, the alien fetus has fingers. Rabbits do not. Simple.

    Just one more thing. Open your eyes and look further than your noses.

  7. risottto March 2nd, 2013 10:41 am

    Your debunking debunking conveniently leaves out the fact that rabbits DO have fingers.

  8. Rumtopf March 12th, 2013 8:04 am

    So I looked up the video, and laughed. Those aren’t fingers(phalanxes), stella. They are parts of the skinned rabbit’s metacarpal bones(equivalent to bones in our palms). The actual finger bones are cut away as usual when rabbits are butchered, same with the hind feet as the skin and fur adheres so firmly to the toes. The eyes look large as it is either a young animal or a dwarf variety of rabbit(which could account for shorter face), plus without eyelids, of course they are going to appear larger. Ever looked at the size of the eye sockets on a rabbit’s skull? And speaking of skulls, did the thought never occur to you that parts of the rabbit’s nose were cut away? If you’re going as far as to pretend you aborted a skinned rabbit, you’re probably going to go about removing recognisable rabbity features such as teeth.

    This is basic anatomy, your confirmation bias is quite amusing though. You know what they say about having such an open mind that your brain falls out, right?

  9. par4noiacompl3x March 19th, 2013 1:24 pm

    just pointing out, how many of you have ever skinned a rabbit? coming fro
    the mid- west and bein a bit of a redneck myself, il tell u rightnow, no rabbit i have EVER skinned lookd like the one in the video. not even mentioning the crazy looking head and fingers, the abdominal area show on the video appears to consist of rather thick skin and the genitals are entirely intact. (although premature looking, no torn areas or anything appear.) when skinning a rabbit the muscular tissue tends to tear alittle bit at the joints and the achillies tendons. also, the stomach cavity’s skin is VERY thin once the skin has been removed, which you can CLEARLY see in the above images of the skinned rabbits. this is not at all like the image in the video. all the tissues appear to be intact. also, when you skin a rabbit you HAVE TO cut off the feet before the skin can be entirely remived, as seen in the above pics. the video of the alien fetus has handlike features intact aswell. also, the fetus was removed from her uterus via cesarean. explain to me how it got into her uterus. its not like she could have jst shoved it up in there through her vagina. come on people, dont you know anything of basic human anatomy?

    finally on a seperate note, what about the medical professionals that hav examined the creature, obviously of there was any real scientific tests done, DNA would be one of the first. yet there was no mention of DNA test results. could thos be becausr it would be undesputeble evidence that it is not from earths origin? all the evidence ever shown on tv is hypothitical, bc tge govmnt wouldnt allow the truth about aliens to be revieled by MSNBC for fear of widespread panic far greater than what the coldwar caused. if the truth was going to be made public it would only be done by the government under their own control. if DNA tests were indeed performed, i doubt they ever got the results back, otherwise iy would have been presented. and clearly they ddnt come back as a rabbit otherwise the story would have never aired. OH, and what about the strange markings on her skin, house, and circular pattern in her lawn, tht professionals say cld only be created with a machine that creates very strong magnitic fields, machines they said if they do exist, there is NOWAY she would have access to. and the undentifiable emplants that they have found in her brain with no point of entry visible. how do u explain those? any implant causes inflamation, and since she wasnt born with those obviosly, any HUMAN placing the objects would need a point of entry and the swelling and placement of them would cause some sort of damage to the brain. (based on where the xray shows them to be rather deep in back of her brain.<– side note, ALL the brains involuntary actions like heary rate, blood pressure and basic life control is done in the medula oblengotta, located in the back of the brain, down in the base. is the placement of the implants in proximety a coincidence?)

    basically there is an OVERWHELMING amount of unexplainable evidence & simpley chalking it up to a "rabbit fetus" and ignoring the rest is shoving ur head in the ground in fear to ignore the truth of whats goin on around you. everytime i hear skeptics try and explain this kind of stuff with the most rediculous answers i think of a child sticking their fingers in there ears screaming "i cant hear u, i cant hear you." the truth is, people are goin to jump on any explanation they get, no matter how "unfitting" to the puzzle it really is because they are scared of the truth and denial is a POWERFUL thing. if the roman catholic church, pope, cardinals, and all, have admitted very publicly that statistically there HAS to be other life out there, i think its about time people start accepting this fact..

  10. risottto April 1st, 2013 2:44 pm

    Referencing the catholic church, pope, and cardinals on the existence of extraterrestrial life is highly amusing and pretty much sums up the argument. Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov would be much better references 😉

  11. stella April 5th, 2013 4:32 pm

    Dear risottto and Rumtopf , I’ve probably skinned more rabbits than you’ve ever seen in a supermarket and I’m telling you that you don’t skin a rabbit by removing the skin until you can see what you call ‘metacarpal bones’. You cut the skin off at the joints and apart from that, they don’t have fingers and hands like the fetus in the video and you can rave about that as much as you like.

    I know Giovanna Podda personally, I don’t give much of a toss about whatever you and the other ‘intelligent knowalls’ think about this because Giovanna needs you to believe this story at all.

    It just gets me how you or anyone else living so far away going by the few things you’ve seen and read on internet, can dismiss the story as a fake.
    As par4noiacompl3x well says, stop concentrating on the idea that it’s a skinned rabbit. Explain to me WTF anyone would want to do that for? She is not making money out of this experience, she has not written a book or sold her story to the papers. She appeared once on national TV and whatever footage or photos you’ve seen has been put into circulation by that Italian tv program.
    The woman has cat scans and x-ray results that prove she has a metal implant in her brain. DID YOU CATCH THAT! IN HER BRAIN? Who the hell put it there in your opinion?? There is a substance that she cannot possibly have access to all over her body and house when she is abducted and this has been certified by experts. And, there is more. There are other photos, other videos, other things that she is not going to share with the rest of the world; you will all crap your pants when you find out about them for yourselves. Run a location check on my IP address, find out where I’m writing from. In any case, I won’t lose sleep for a handful of skeptics more or less and neither will Giovanna.

    I don’t have to debunk your debunking, carry on as you are doing because you’re all doing a great job talking through your arses about things you don’t even know about.

  12. stella April 5th, 2013 4:38 pm

    p.s. I meant ‘Giovanna DOESN’T need you to believe her story at all.’
    Oh and Rumtopf… you know what they say about not seeing further than your nose? You risk peeing your pants.

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