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Quives stick-figure alien: indeed, a plant

A month ago we posted two videos of what looked like “stick-figure aliens”, one of them from Santa Rosa de Quives, Peru. We explained the so-called “Quives alien” as “just part of a bush”, that is, “a plant near the camera, and parallax giving the appearance of motion”.

We were right.

Now, after all the unfounded claims he uttered before, the local ufologist has finally publicized an “investigation” where he concludes exactly the same. He visited the location, which is fine, utters more illogical claims and shows some group photos, which is unnecessary, but most importantly, he finally shows a better quality version of the video that he had from the beginning. He has had this in his hands for months, perhaps even more than a year.

Just skip the first half (four minutes) of the video above to go straight to the better quality captures of the video. Or look at the screen capture below. And from it it’s fairly obvious it’s a plant in front of the man.


A graphic from the video:


And our original graphic, from a month ago:


Fellow Luis Ruiz Noguez, who was the one to correctly call this one a bush from the start, thinks it’s very curious how the video was explored and publicized by the ufologist. The version that’s been finally published now is not only much sharper, from it we can see how the first publicized version was cropped, hiding much of the bushes, “as if they were trying to hide the true essence of the ‘alien’”, writes Noguez.

The local ufologist ends his analysis claiming that:

“The conclusions that we can come to are that the video of the Quives Man wasn’t a hoax, it wasn’t a planned thing, but rather and quite simply, a big confusion, I would say exactly an optical effect.”

Luis Noguez disagrees. “I believe the ‘Quives Man’ was a hoax, a deliberate hoax from an optical effect of parallax.” Even if you give the ufologist the benefit of doubt – perhaps he didn’t realize it was a bush even with his better quality version, and unintentionally cropped and degraded the versions he aired – that he took a month after it was exposed as as a bush to finally confirm it with the evidence he clearly had is very questionable.

As we emphasize, this is the same local ufologist who claims that his country is surrounded by fleets of UFOs (which are in fact common party balloons), and even that one such “UFO flotilla” warned about a recent earthquake. And he usually appears abroad representing the UFO research in his country.

Too bad for Peru.

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  4. twas brillig April 29th, 2009 4:06 am

    Ok, now I agree that it is a parallax, originally the “walking stick” appeared to have originated from behind the person. My opinion is the most imporant of course. =)

    Basing this opinion of course on the assumption that this analysis of the video hasn’t itself been manipulated…as I trust no one, not even myself, unfortunately that is not a joke, knowing the darker sides of human nature (and thus of government and intel etc..). Because, if this really was a walking stick man, a concerted effort at debunkery could easily be concocted by local and national “authorities” to quell and derail any further serious investigation.

    But with a gun against my head, and taking this analysis for an effort at truth, I would now agree that it is a parallax, a result of the supposedly clarified video showing this more clearly between the camera man and the film subject. Hence, the plant being IN FRONT of the person being filmed, which was not my initial perception.

    Thanks for the effort at truth (assuming it is) and clarification through your analysis, but. tis still a bummer, yet, there are many wonderful and amazing things that exist, and many “authorities” still to question.

    I bet you there’s a walking stick man somewhere out there in our vast universe. =)

  5. John Sawyer May 4th, 2009 5:47 am

    I can’t believe anyone would waste time on this, even to debunk it. What next–video of ordinary-looking people walking down the street, being described as aliens, and months being spent on analyzing it, with “debate” back and forth?

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