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Oh my G…!


“I’ve actually had that exact experience of a light on a hill looking like a UFO, when driving along the Oregon coast near Tillamook. There was an enormous glowing object in the sky–not just a light, but a massive floating disk–and my mother and I drove toward asking each other "What on earth IS that?" for a good half hour. UFOs started to seem a lot more plausible, even to a skeptic like myself. Eventually I realized that it was the gigantic letter "G," which sits on a hillside over the town of Garibaldi, and which is apparently lit up brilliantly at night. But if I hadn’t known the G was there, and if I never went back? I’d probably still be thinking that I’d narrowly escaped the alien mothership on the Oregon Coast…” [Comment by Ursula Vernon]

Ursula made that comment on Jim Macdonald’s article proposing a very interesting explanation for what Betty and Barney Hill saw.

Whether Macdonald’s suggestion was what the Hills actually saw we may not be so sure, but surely the Giant flying G is a nice story. Fellow Manuel Borraz, who called attention to this nice piece, says it’s probably the first known case of an almost Unidentified G. It reminds me of Smoo.

To the believers, please do not be offended by any of this. I don’t mean to claim or even suggest all UFOs and aliens sightings have explanations such as these. These are in fact rare funny cases, and we must be allowed to laugh at them as such.


[Both images of the Garibaldi G from Colin’s Picasa. More on the history of that G here.]

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  1. Rottenartist March 18th, 2009 6:10 pm

    Why worry that the credulous will be offended by pointing out real-world explanations for imaginary events? If one is willfully ignorant then one has no basis for being offended.

    Having an open mind is good thing, just not so open that your brain falls out.

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